Happy Song

This week @lesleehorner has been very low key.  It’s actually an interesting story.  For a long time now my intuition has been telling me to spend less time online.  I think you guys know this about me by now.  I’ve written about it before.  When I try to do it on my own, I can’t seem to resist the urge to just “check” my email and pages.  The checking usually turns into chatting, replying, tweeting, and updating.  By the time I am finished my 5 minute check turns into an hour or more of playing.  On Sunday, I had popped onto the blog and thought my Sunday Quote had not published.  I was frantically trying to post a new quote when suddenly the internet just stopped working.  Mark went to troubleshoot and realized the router had just died.  What a coincidence?  I still have internet access but not on my own computer and the set up is complicated.  So my goal for the week has been to spend no more than 30 minutes online per day.  Luckily I had scheduled the entire week’s worth of posts except for today’s before our problem occurred.

So with that in mind, I’m keeping it short.  I went to the gym on Monday and listened to my Ipod while on the elliptical.  It’s when I am working out that I realize just how much music touches me.  I don’t have extremely sophisticated taste in music.  I mostly enjoy what’s popular.  I like a catchy tune and sweet lyrics.  I recently added a few new songs to my collection and one of them is currently my favorite.  It’s odd to say it, but as I listened to it during my work out Monday, I experienced pure bliss.  It was like my entire body was smiling.  I allowed myself to forget about everything else, including where I was and what I was doing, and just get lost in the song.  So for today, in honor of simplicity, I decided to just share my current happy song.  Catchy tune, cheesy lyrics, enjoy!  (And if this is not your happy song, I suggest finding one and letting yourself escape in it for a few minutes!)

“Stop This Train”

Two years ago I was in a book group discussing Eric Butterworth’s book “Discover the Power Within You.”  There was a lady in the group who spoke with a Jamaican accent (which is important so that when I quote her in a second you can imagine how she sounded).  She was an interesting woman and contributed so much to the group.  I remember one night she said “you know sometimes I just feel like I want to stop this train.”  She went on to talk about how hard life can be.  She is a single mother and also a social worker, so stress was a plenty in her life.  But her faith was strong and during the weeks we met she always supplied stories of small miracles taking place in her life.

On New Year’s Day I attended a workshop conducted by Elizabeth Barbour where we created vision boards for 2009.  We cut out pictures from magazines representing what we want in 2009.  Elizabeth reminded us that we may be drawn to cut out pictures that we can’t really explain.  We might put something on the board that means nothing to us at that moment but will mean a great deal later.  For me it was a picture of a train going down a mountain.  I have no idea why I cut it out and pasted it on, but I did.  I look at the vision board every day when I am in and out of my room.  There was a day when I was stuck in my head, thinking about my life and wondering where it is taking me and I looked at that train.  I knew then what that picture meant.  I am on this amazing ride, sometimes it slows down and sometimes it is full speed ahead, but it is most definitely a ride that I don’t want to stop.  So I’ll stay on the train and go where it takes me, knowing that the conductor has my best interests at heart.

Here is a song by John Mayer that I just love.  I think of Yolanda every time I hear it!