Christmas Wish

I’m writing this on the 23rd and of course it is posting on Christmas Eve. Between the cold I’m suffering from and the stress of preparing for Christmas day and a trip to NC, I’m low on insightful reflections. I thought I’d just take a paragraph or two to tell you what’s on my Christmas list.

I’ll start with the simple stuff. These are the items I’ve shared with Mark and may or may not be receiving on Christmas day. I want an Ipod dock/charger/player. I love my Ipod but get so annoyed when I have to charge it on the computer. It takes a few hours and I have to constantly check to make sure the computer hasn’t “gone to sleep” thus halting the charge. I’ve gotten to where I just forget to do this and then when I’m all psyched up and ready to go to the gym, I realize I have no music. Having no music to listen to while exercising has become excuse number 1 not to work out at all. It’s a vicious cycle that I feel confident will end once I have an easier place to charge the Ipod.

The other item on my list is a bible (King James version with Jesus’ words in red). For as much as I write about spiritual stuff I am embarrassed to admit I don’t have a bible in the house. I’ve had my mother searching her house for the bible I had as a teen and she hasn’t had any luck finding it. I’ve said before that I read a lot of books by people who quote and talk about the bible, but now it is time for me to practice what I preach and read and study it for myself.

Now for the more complicated wish list. These requests truly require a miracle Santa to make happen. What I’d absolutely love is to have more time and money to take a few trips this year on my own. The first is a cruise or Caribbean vacation with my two best friends, Heather and Kristin. The second is the Goddess Retreat at Amrit Yoga Institute. The third is the BlogHer conference in New York City with my Twitter friends @2MuchPerfection, @OpinionatedGift, and @Kitterztoo. I’m pretty sure the first of these will happen. It will be a small miracle if I am able to participate in two of them and an extraordinary feat if I’m able to do all three.

Now what about you guys?  Care to share your Christmas wish list….



Right now I am in a book group that is studying the Joel S. Goldsmith book “Practicing the Presence.”  We had our second meeting on Sunday afternoon and among other things we discussed the idea of creating our lives.  Joel’s teachings include the idea of our consciousness creating our realities but more than anything he encourages putting your thoughts on God, knowing that trusting in that Reality will create a heavenly life.  Since I have also read books like “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction: The Teachings of Abraham,” I find myself torn between this idea of manifesting stuff in my life and the idea that God has a plan for me…a destiny so to speak.

I am trying to distinguish the difference, if there is one.  I am curious as to whether or not I am creating my path or if my path is being shown to me.  If you study metaphysics you will read a lot about how we are all one and there is no such thing as time.  There’s a great quote from Battlestar Gallactica that goes “This has all happened before and will happen again.”  So the question is, if you are open to the idea, are we creating or remembering?  Either way it makes us pretty powerful, which is exactly what a member of the book group said to me in response to my question.  If we all just knew how powerful we are.  It is amazing if you think of it, what our bodies and minds are capable of doing.  Then if you add spirit to the equation…WOW!

On January 1, 2009, I attended a retreat called “Design a Divine 2009” with Elizabeth Barbour.  She opened the workshop by having everyone say one characteristic they wanted to express in the coming year.  When it was my turn, I said Powerful.  It seems to be a theme this year so far.  Around the time of the workshop I was feeling a bit powerless.   When I expressed this to a friend, their response was “But you have all the power.”  And it’s true, I have all the power over my life.  I don’t need power over anyone else, all I need is to use my power to acknowledge, create, and discover the best in my life.