I am currently reading the book The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel.  The book has 24 parts (or chapters) and I read one each week.  It is more or less about the Law of Attraction.  Like so many other sources I’ve read this author insists that the Law of Attraction is no different than the law of gravity.  It is always working whether we believe in it or not.  (I could say or believe that gravity is hogwash but that won’t make me start floating.)

Basically our thoughts are creative forces that set things in motion.  EVERYTHING begins with a thought.  A lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about what they don’t want.  They fuel their thoughts with the emotion of fear.  It is not as powerful as love but it is powerful. And some people spend a lot of time thinking about what they do want and attract those things into their lives.  Often, once these wishes are fulfilled, folks find themselves unsatisfied.

Basically your life is the demonstration of your thoughts.  I know this.  I currently have what I always thought about when I was younger.  The life that came to fruition for me when I was 29 started with a thought when I was probably 5 or 6.  That was back in the day when my own mother was a stay-at-home-mom and there was nothing so heavenly as having my mommy home with me.  Later on when my big sister got married and became a working mom, I began to see that as the ideal.  It was the security in that picture that pleased me.  In the end my deepest desire was fulfilled without a lot of effort on my part.  We moved to Florida and all the hoops involved in me going back to work just weren’t worth the tiny salary I’d bring home as a teacher here.  So, I’m home with my girls and that’s exactly where I want to be.

When I first learned about the power of my thoughts a few years ago I planted new seeds.  That desire for security and independence is still within me.  Although I contribute to my family in a big way, it’s not necessarily a measurable way.  I can’t help but long for that piece of paper that tells me, in dollars, how much my effort is worth.  So for three years now I’ve dreamed of a career that allows me to be home with my girls and yet still contribute financially to my family.  I hope to find that in writing.  It is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and can do while the girls are at school, in bed, or in their rooms playing.

I’m trying to be patient as I wait for the demonstration.  I’m careful to not let my thoughts veer toward the wrong goals.  It’s not about money or status.  It is about using my passions and talents to earn a living (and perhaps inspire and help people) while still being fully present for my husband and daughters.  The Law of Attraction being what it is-law, it seems as long as I don’t sabotage myself with thoughts opposed to my goals, I will succeed.

So what about you?  What is the vision you hold for your life?  Are you living that vision or planting new seeds?

*Re-reading this post the night before it is published and laughing at the irony of it following a post about staying in the present moment.  Everyday is a different day and with it a new (or old) lesson.



Last week I had an interesting comment on a post.  It got me thinking and I wanted to reply but chose not to.  I wasn’t sure if it was a sincere response or just someone trying to reel me in for a cyber-fight. Since he made such an interesting point, I decided to address it in a post.

The commenter expressed that he was an atheist and from what he wrote it seems he had some knowledge or experience with New Thought or New Age ideas.  He talked about meditation and “God is Love” and “Cancer isn’t real.”  This is all stuff that I’ve read and learned too.  It is a very hard concept to wrap your head around because Cancer is real and people battle it, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, every single day. I know people who have died from cancer and people who have overcome it.

The first part of this is death.  Our bodies die.  It’s simple.  Although our souls may be eternal, our bodies are not.  And I think that is a good thing.  But it is hard to lose people or pets that we love.  The suffering goes very deep.

The second part is the reality of it.  In the spiritual realm cancer, sickness, suffering, and death are not real.  That is the realm of “God.”  We all have access to that realm if we choose to connect to it.  I’m not sure anyone lives there though.  The great mystics have come the closest.  So even a great yogi or spiritual teacher can die of cancer or other ailments that are sometimes called “unreal.”  But regular people have been known to experience miraculous healings by aligning themselves with this spiritual vibration.

Finally there are the “laws” of nature.  One of those laws is The Law of Attraction.  I am currently reading The Master Key System and it teaches that law.  Supposedly this is a spiritual principle that is unwavering.  Just like 2+2 always equals 4, the Law of Attraction is always working.  In essence, whatever comes to you good or bad has come from your thoughts and consciousness.  So at some point you have knowingly or not set an intention and backed it up with enough emotional energy to make it happen.  This has been a hard one for me to believe because when I see a 3-year-old with cancer or hear the story of a women that was molested in childhood, I think how could they have attracted this to themselves.  If it is indeed law, the only answer is that their consciousness existed before their human form did, and they intended these events to take place for whatever reason.  And as morbid as this sounds if we do “create” our lives to a degree before we enter them, we see the big picture and know how each puzzle piece fits.  We also know how each experience contributes to our soul’s development.  So the suffering may in fact be necessary to help us grow or the souls around us grow.

“God” is such a charged word.  And I think that for the most part “God” is a neutral presence in the Universe.  I don’t think God punishes us with disease and devastation.  I don’t think God rewards us with success and health.  I think God is just an energetic part of these natural laws that we either follow blindly or follow knowingly.