Great Compliment…Great Timing

So I’ve already written two posts about the preoccupation with my weight.  And I must admit, it is distracting me again.  Since the girls have been out of school for the summer, my gym time has been cut in half, but I do still manage to get there about 2 or 3 times a week.  When I’m at the gym, I notice how fit and attractive people are.  I used to work out at the Y and there was a guy in spin class who looked like Luke Macfarlane.  There was also a personal trainer who looked like one of the football players on Friday Night Lights.  Now I work out at Women’s World and I still notice how fit and attractive people are.  There is one woman who looks like the lead actress in The Departed and another who is completely ripped and looks like she’ll bite your head off until she smiles and then she’s transformed into an angel.

Last Thursday was just an ordinary day at the gym.  Bodypump class was coming to an end and I was putting my weights away.  I walked by a woman and couldn’t help but notice her slim figure and perfect boobs.  It was in that moment that I thought, you know forget the hard work maybe one day I will just get a boob job and a tummy tuck.  I’ve never imagined myself thinking such thoughts, but lately for some reason I have been.  The interesting part of the story though, was that seconds after I had that thought a woman came up to me and gave me the best compliment ever.  She stopped me and said she hoped I wouldn’t think she was weird for saying it, but she had been watching me and thought I was in good shape and I made her want her 20-year-old body back.  ME?!?!  She said this to me, I was on cloud nine and thanked her immensely even adding that visions of plastic surgery had been dancing in my head right before she spoke to me.  I also took it as a little message from the universe (AKA: God) to stop thinking about changing myself and just start loving myself!  I’m trying…I really am!

I’ve also decided that I’m going to get the nerve up to tell all of these beautiful people just how beautiful they are (instead of worrying they’ll think I’m weird).  I know from experience now that it really does make your day to hear it!