Heavenly Helpers

I read a lot of books that can only be described as “woo-woo.”  Some of my favorite authors are also psychics.  A recurring theme in these books, written by folks who let their intuition and sixth sense guide them, is their knowledge and work with heavenly helpers.  If you read a book like “Ask Your Guides” by Sonia Choquette you will find a list of spiritual helpers awaiting your requests.  There are angels and spirit guides.  Certain guides will help you find your lost keys or get you a good parking spot.  There are healing guides that will help you recover from sickness or emotional trauma.  There are angels and guides that are connected just to you and by your side at all times throughout your life.  The loved ones that have transitioned from this life to the next are also out there in spirit, shining light on us if needed. You can read a number of books and end up with a list about a mile long of all the entities available and willing to help you.

At various times in the past few years, I have worked to strengthen my intuition and tap into the heavenly resources.  I’m not really interested in talking to spirits or seeing the future.  My goal is to simply be connected and awake enough not to miss the signs that are there pointing me in the right direction.  If I can manage the little things more smoothly than the big things become attainable because I am actually aware enough to identify them.  I have found that if I’m around the house and looking for a lost object if I simply say aloud “Where is that ___?”, it will suddenly pop up.  When I first discovered this trick I would start the questions by first saying “Angels.”  One day we were looking for the remote and I asked the angels to help us find it.  Suddenly Callee stopped, laid on her stomach, reached under the chair, and pulled out the clicker.  I responded with a “Thank you, Angels.”  Bella quickly corrected me and said “Callee found the remote, not the Angels.”

Many times when I am meditating I feel that I am not alone.  I have often felt a presence beside me or in front of me.  If I ask a question while meditating the answer often arrives in my consciousness.  Once I even put in a request to meet an old friend in a dream, in order to make peace and ask for long overdue forgiveness.  Sure enough that night, I dreamed about the friend.  We expressed our love, exchanged a hug, and I woke up feeling lighter.

Unless you are a brand new reader to this blog, you know that one of my best friends, Amy, passed away in October.  Recently something concerning Amy was weighing on my mind.  I just kept asking her how she wanted me to feel.  For two days I felt her presence.  I can’t really describe it (other than the chills I got while talking with her mom on the phone) but I just knew she was with me.  I kept getting message after message that everything was OK and exactly as she would want it to be.  By the end of the two days this undeniable, unwavering peace had washed over me.  I knew and know that everything is just as it should be.

One thing I have learned over the last few years is that we are all capable of fine tuning our intuition and realizing our own “psychic” abilities.  We all have them, we just don’t all choose to use them.  For me, I’m still probably more of a skeptic than I am a psychic.  I don’t believe everything that I read by some of my favorite authors.  At times the ego gets crossed with those heavenly messages and you have to stop and ponder a bit.  My favorite spiritual teacher, Joel S. Goldsmith doesn’t even encourage a focus on psychic abilities.  He believes that it all comes from God anyway, so if you contemplate and meditate on God you will receive everything you need for this journey.  But he also recognizes that you can commune with any spiritual teacher you’d like whether living or dead.

Below I will list some of my favorite authors.  If anyone is reading this and interested in learning more about Angels and Spirit Guides, I would recommend them.

Sonia Choquette

Sylvia Browne

Doreen Virtue PhD

John Edward

Allison DuBois

James Van Praagh


The Devil Made Me Do It

A while back I mentioned in a post that I do not believe in The Devil and needless to say all hell broke loose (no pun intended).  I have finally mustered up the nerve to write about why it is I feel this way.

First off I will say that I do buy into the idea of evil energies.  There is no doubt there are sociopaths that commit evil deeds without any real motive at all.  An author and psychic I’ve read, Sylvia Browne, has written her theories on these people.  She suggest that their  “punishment” for the evil they possess is to reincarnate over and over again without ever finding peace in the afterlife.  In essence, her idea is that the earthly life and body is hell for them.  This seems like a reasonable theory, although I am not sure if I believe it completely.

What I do believe is that the vast majority of us are inherently good.  We are all interwoven and connected and the thread that binds us is the divinity within us.  I think that we have two forces working on and in our lives: God and Ego.  God is the driving force that fills us with excitement and inspiration.  God is the tug in our chest or inner voice that screams at us not to get in the car on the day of the accident. (If you remember a lot of people were spared on 9/11 b/c they listened to an inner voice that urged them to change the routine.)  God is the love that fills our hearts when our friends find success and peace in their lives.  When we follow that voice we are left feeling a zest for life.  The other voice is our Ego.  Ego screams to us out of fear.  It tells us there is not enough.  It manifests itself as greed, jealousy, anxiety, confusion, and rage.  Ego tells us we are all alone and the only way to find our place is to jump on the closest bandwagon and hold on for dear life.  Just like God, Ego is a part of all of us.  Ego is our human nature and it is the closest thing to The Devil that exists.

Personally I think very often people confuse God with The Devil.  I don’t think God wants us to get complacent.  God forces us to ask questions and seek answers.  Sometimes that is scary, sometimes it means walking away from a relationship, job, or religion that has felt like a foundation in our lives.  Sometimes we misunderstand God’s guidance and make mistakes.  Sometimes our mistakes are God’s plan because they bring us closer to the reality of who we are and what is valuable in our lives.  Because of this, I think that “the devil made me do it” or “the devil is pulling me away” is a cop out excuse.  If questions arise in your life and new ideas are presented to you, it may just be God offering you a new path to explore.  The real “devil” in this situation is the EGO that screams at you to cling to old ideas even if they are no longer serving you and the world.

Most of what I have written thus far is just my opinion and may come across as judgmental, but I did want to close on one final note as to why I do not believe in The Devil.  Omnipotence!  If God is Omnipotent than how can there be a force strong enough to outwit God on occasion?  If God is Omnipresent than how can there be an outside force that pulls people away from God?  I do not believe there is.  God is all powerful and always with us.  It is our choice, free will, to decide if we want to wake up to that connection or stay trapped in the duality of humanity.  (I also wanted to mention that I was first presented with the idea in this paragraph…which makes more sense to me than anything else…in Joel S. Goldsmith’s teachings.)

Messages 2-Kisses from Pop-Pop

Since I was brave enough to share the story about Suzy yesterday, I thought I’d do another post along the same lines today.

When I became a stay-at-home-mom in 2004, I discovered Sylvia Browne day on the Montel Williams show.  I’d tune in as often as I could and listen to her answer people’s questions about their deceased loved ones.   Every time I watched her I was so excited and emotional, usually welling up or getting chills at least a few times per episode.  My rational mind tried to find glitches in her readings, but they all seemed so very legit.  One thing I always remember her telling people week after week is that loved ones that have passed often send signs that they are nearby.  Coins and butterflies are two of the signs she often mentioned.

As I’ve written before, my father-in-law died in 2005.  After his passing I wanted to know that he was still with us, especially with Bella.    On his birthday (Christmas Eve) of 2007 I was at the gym for a quick workout.  I had a fleeting thought about his birthday as I walked to the rack to return the weights I’d been lifting.  When I turned around, I glanced down to find a quarter sitting by my foot.  I picked up the coin and looked at the date…it was a 2005 quarter.  I felt immediately that it was a sign from him.  You see he was an avid coin collector and quarters are my favorite coins (I don’t know why but I am always thrilled when I receive them in change).

After that I decided that anytime I found a quarter, it would be a message from him and I asked (silently) that he send pennies to the girls.  I decided to call them kisses from Pop-Pop.  Sure enough, after I made that silent suggestion the girls began to find pennies almost daily, sometimes they would find 2 or 3 pennies sitting together in a parking lot.  One day we were in the car on the way to a playdate in the park and I began to talk to the girls about him.  I told Bella how whenever we find pennies we can just think of them as kisses.  When we arrived at the park and Bella hopped out of the car, she immediately bent down and picked up a penny!  It was all the verification I needed.

When Mark played his first gig with Spatial K, I thought of Billy.  Prior to that the last band Mark had been in was in Columbus, Ohio.  Both of our parents had come to that band’s last show.  During that first show with Spatial K, I looked up on the stage and saw a quarter.  I was amazed and felt like it was Billy letting me know he was watching after all.  I contemplated on whether or not to tell Mark and in the end decided to.  When Mark arrived home after me that night, I told him about the quarter and what I thought it meant.  He laughed and said, “You know I actually picked that quarter up.”  He showed it to me and I looked at the date.  I believe it was a 1991.  I asked Mark if there was anything significant about 1991.  He told me it was the year he started playing guitar!

As time passed the girls continued to find pennies and I continued to take them as signs.  The last time I remember receiving a sign of my own from him was right before the election.  Mark, the girls, and I were sitting in Cabo’s one Saturday discussing politics.  Right before we were leaving I said “I wonder if your dad would have liked Obama?”  About that time Bella starts digging between the seats trying to get to a coin she sees.  It was hopeless, there was no way to reach the coin.  As we were leaving the restaurant though I looked down to see what kind of coin it was and sure enough, it was a quarter!