Most Hated Activity

On the heels of yesterday’s post about being(or not being) judgmental, here I go.  I thought of this blog post as I was doing my most hated activity.  So, I immediately stopped said activity to sit down and write about it.  One more way for me to procrastinate.

What is it I hate so much?  Cleaning.  I hate cleaning.  And somehow lately it has gotten worse.  To steal a famous quote from my mother…my house is not dirty, just messy…but the messiness is affecting me or maybe it’s my mood that’s affecting the house.  If you looked through my Twitter history, you would probably find that more than 100 of my 1000 tweets include something to do with the need to clean and my inability to do it.  Every time I try to clean, I get a little corner of the house straightened and then find a distraction.  Let me just take a little break, I think to myself.

One thing I realize is that the conditions of the environment you spend the most time in reflects your energy.  For me, I just can’t seem to get my house to look and feel exactly the way I want it to.  I get it halfway to serene and then I back off, give up.  I wonder if this is who I am.  Is peace just too dull for me?  I don’t think the chaos (of my house and my thoughts) is feeding me.  I believe I get tastes of peace…in times of meditation, while writing, while participating in retreats, while cuddling my daughters, and when I’m closest with Mark.  But somehow the drama queen/worry wart finds me and tries to pull me away from the Faith that will get me through.

So basically, I’m in a funk -despite how I try to keep this blog uplifting and encouraging- I have to admit it.  Right now, what would help is a housekeeping intervention.  I need Peter Walsh, Denise Linn, Flylady and the nearest Feng Shui expert to come on over and get me started.  Who knows how I’ll feel once the house is really clean!