Guest Poet-Lauri

The following poem is written by one of my tweeps!  You can read Lauri’s blog here and follow her on Twitter here.

Life is Random

By: Lauri Halterman (aka @grnladybug)

The sky is crying,
the whole world’s a mess;
I think I’ll put on
a white frilly dress.

Dance and spin
on the window sill;
sing to the birds
like a whippoorwill.

I scratched my toe
on the curb today,
saw it bleed
then wiped it away.

Added a Band-Aid
to keep it neat;
then peeled it off
to take a peek.

I wonder why
I can’t remember,
the things I did
last December?

Yet May is here
and I can see,
all the things
that used to be.

Gather you up
in a big bear hug;
thanking the stars

that shine up above.

Life is random
and so am I;
some days I laugh
and some I cry.

Choice (A Poem)

Choice (4-30-10)

What if I let you

choose for you

and I’ll

choose for me?

What if I let you decide

what you want

and we’ll leave my

will out of it?

What if I don’t force

my shoes upon your feet?

They probably wouldn’t

fit, anyway…

What if your emotions

guide you

and mine will

guide me?

What if we lived

without force

without treading

on another’s turf?

What if I just let

you paint

without choosing

the colors?

What might the world

look like

if we could all

just BE?

Play (A Poem)

So just pulled the “play” card from my Sonia Choquette Trust Your Vibes deck.  Now lets see if I can write a poem….

Play (4-23-10)

The wind in my hair

screaming as the coaster

twists and loops

the giggles

filling the room

as baby girls run

from the tickle monster

aphids for the ants

Uno, I win

walk to the pond

bread in hand

fish flipping

fighting turtles

for just a nibble

writing my life

reading pages that feed me

lighten my soul

lift my burdens

stop to hear the sounds

birds singing


in the form of


come dance

let joy move through


oh the ways

Source (A Poem)

Source (4-16-10)

Many names

for the one

from which

all life comes

bleeding into us

creating a miracle

in every breath



why do we go forth

why does the world spin

the seasons arrive

the tides come in

we have faith

in the something

it keeps our feet on the ground

and causes our souls

to stir

does the name matter

must it be






The Tao

Can we just quiet our minds

allow for source to be

rejoice in our breath

have faith in our path

listen for guidance

that speaks just to us

and answers to whatever name we chose

Feedback (A Poem)

Feedback (4-9-10)

Answers you seek

outward questioning

many thoughts

many ways

pulled in every direction


confusion builds

which answer is right

whose voice is clear

the noise grows

so many answers

to the same


and alone you’re left


uncertain of where to place

your feet

and then you feel it

speaking through an ache

or tingle

feeling strength within

a tight hold

on the answer

a body that is bold

enough to give you


send you on your way

towards the destination

that takes you closer

and faster

to being truly you…

Rise (A Poem)

Rise (4-2-10)

Inside me is a spirit

It whispers

gently, gently

calls me to rise

Step into the moment

acknowledge who I am

I answer the voice

with slow, steady movements

a yes spoken so quietly

the spirit builds a ladder

I am meant to climb

reach heights I’d never


surrounded by loving souls

lifting me onto that ladder

standing with outstretched arms

to catch me if I fall

the quiet yes

turns to conscious  steps

I’m climbing

and ready

to rise….