I got back from vacation today and checked my email.  I have a great cyber-friend who challenges me from time to time.  Being the kind and respectful person that he is he never does it in a comment on the blog.  He had read yesterday’s Sunday quote from Notes from the Universe and just didn’t get it.  He expressed that the quote sounded like blind acceptance without any logic behind it.

I read back over that quote and sent an email back to him regarding what it meant to me.  I wanted to talk about it a little more here though.

I titled this post “Faith” because that is basically what it comes down to.  I’d say some people get put off by that word because they equate it with religion.  But the truth is we all have faith in a lot of stuff throughout our days.  We get in our cars to go to work in the mornings and we have faith that they will start and carry us safely to our destinations.  We have faith when we get our paychecks that we will cash them and they won’t bounce.  We have faith that our children will be safe when they are at school.  If we didn’t put our trust and faith in some things outside of ourselves we would probably go insane.  If we applied logic to every step we were about to make and thought intellectually about all the various ways that things could go right or wrong we’d probably be unable to actually take action on anything.

When things are bad we have to believe they’ll eventually get better.  I’d say most suicide cases happen because the person simply can’t step out and trust that their conditions will improve.  Change is inevitable.  Nothing is fixed.  Last week when I found that quote, I was having a particularly insecure day.  I was thinking about losses in the past and worrying they might happen in the future.    I was thinking logically.  Isn’t it logical that if one person I love leaves forever that another one might?  The effect of those thoughts was that by the end of the day I was curled up on my bedroom floor sobbing.  I’d let my monkey mind’s chatter trump my faith.

I do understand why my friend would have a hard time swallowing the whole “forget logic” idea.  For me the quote meant to stop over thinking things.  But I don’t think we should leave behind our common sense and intuition.   I think of my intuition and common sense as the navigation system for my faith (if that makes sense).  I trust that they will guide me and keep me out of trouble.  If someone calls me and offers me a “free” vacation my intuition radar goes off.  There’s no way in Hell I’m getting something for nothing and I’m not willing to sit through a sales pitch. It’s usually then that I use my common sense and hang up the phone.

I’m not going to re-post the quote, but to me it was just about having faith that even though I don’t see exactly how things fit together now that doesn’t mean they don’t fit together.   I do think that I am a “Being of Light” or expression of love.  I might not feel that way every day and especially not when I’m crying on my bedroom floor.  But it gives me peace and comfort to know that I can, have, or will make a positive difference in this world regardless of how small.  Every little bit counts.

The Universe

So it’s Wednesday night and I’m preparing the blog for a weekend away.  I’ve had an emotional day.  No particular reason just seem to be extra sensitive.  I thought I’d go pull out the book Notes from the Universe and see if I get some interesting message for myself…or for you.

Ah yes!  Quite perfect, but long…here goes:

“What’s the matter, dear one?”

“Sometimes I don’t feel good.”

“Hmmm, let me take a look at you.  Well, you look fine, sound fine, all your parts are working.  Everything seems to be in order.  Tell me, what kind of thoughts have you been thinking lately?”

“The usual.  Trying not to let the turkeys get me down, keep my head above water, you know, stuff everyone thinks.  Just wanting to get by, hold my own, survive.”

“Aha, just as I thought.  You’ve been thinking like everyone else, so now you feel like everyone else, kind of “blah.”

“Well here’s a little trick.  Stop trying to make so much sense of things.  Stop being so logical.  Stop thinking that the future depends upon what has been, or even what appears to be.  The props of your life are just props, fictional.  You’re not at the mercy of the past, the present, or the future…logic, reason, or rationales.  You are a Being of Light for whom all things remain possible, and there are no caveats to this truth.”

“Feel better?  Good.”

More Mike Dooley

I needed a quote for today and when there isn’t anything fresh in my mind I always pull out “Notes From the Universe.”  The first page I flipped to answered my own personal question.  A new person has arrived in my awareness.  I am uneasy about it.  I am hoping for the best, really being very hopeful, but looking closely for “the catch.”  This issue was weighing on my mind as I flipped open “Notes” and it is not surprising that this was the message:

“For all the reasons that you might draw someone into your life…one would never be to find their faults.”

I flipped the page again wanting a more general message to put up for all of us and this is what I got:

“Let’s pretend, just for today, all day long, throughout our every thought and decision, that life is easy, that everyone means well, and that time is on our side. Okay?  And let’s pretend that we are loved beyond belief, that magic conspires on our behalf, and that nothing can ever hurt us without our consent.  All right?  And if we like this game, we’ll play tomorrow as well, and the next day, and pretty soon, it won’t be a game at all, because life, for us, will become those things.  Just as it’s become what it is, today.  Thoughts become realities, too.”

Notes From the Universe

I will often open this book and ask for a message.  This week I opened it and came up with a great quote for a blog post.  Today (Sept. 4), I opened it asking for a message for me (since I’ve been a little down) that I could use as a Sunday Quote.  Here is what I found…it couldn’t be more perfect for how I am feeling today!

“How much longer before you revel in the awareness that you are enough, that you’ve done enough, and that you’re now worthy of your heart’s greatest desires?  What has to happen for you to give this to yourself?  No biggie.  Just wondering.  Take your time.” -Mike Dooley “Notes From the Universe”

When I think about this, I can feel the air lighten a little….


So I typed this title and then stepped away from the computer.  A conversation I had today put this idea in my head, but I’ve been struggling with the right words and examples to use so that my post on Judgment doesn’t sound, well, judgmental.  Anyway, I just visited RockStarCarlene’s blog and read today’s post, which led me to the book “Notes From the Universe.”  I randomly opened the book to get “my” message and here is what I read.

“Isn’t it strange, how once you set your “gaze” upon something or someone, you get to decide what you’ll see:  good, bad, or ugly.  Yet still, you think “it,” or “they,” have something to do with your feelings and moods?” (Notes From the Universe by Mike Dooley)

I think this is a really good insight into judgment.  We see something or hear about something and we decide whether it is good or bad.  From there we may find ourselves impressed, offended, hurt, indifferent, or any other of the feelings that all stem from either love or fear.  Today I had a long conversation with someone about a date mix up.  Someone showed up for a party on the wrong day and when they were asked to come on the right day they had already made other plans, thus missing the party.  My friend was hurt that her friend was a no-show.  She expected her to change the other plans and make it on the right day.  But she was only working with her side of the story with no real details from her friend.  Instead of judging the situation as good or even nuetral (because the friend did arrive even if it was on the wrong day), she judged it as bad because the friend did not rearrange her schedule and cancel her new plans to be at the party on the right day.

The problem with judgment is that you don’t ever really know the whole story.  You may judge someone because they get divorced, only to find out they were in an abusive marriage.  You may judge someone for drinking heavily, only to find out it helps to quiet the voices in their head.  You may judge someone for being financially independent, only to find out they stole to gain that independence.  You may judge someone for getting a promotion at work, only to find out they sabotaged a fellow employee.

Every moment offers an opportunity for judgment…and not just in a bad way.  I struggle with this often.  I want to “judge ye not,” but I find myself moment to moment assigning the label good or bad to nearly everything.  I’m not sure when the “click” will happen that allows me to realize everything just is.  Every person is on their own, individual path.  Just because it is not my path does not make it better or worse than mine.  We are all exactly where we are meant to be.  Which also means we need to lay off on judging ourselves as well.  We are all where we are for a reason.  We’re growing and learning everyday….