Weekend Reflections

It’s Sunday evening and we returned from Savannah this afternoon.  We had a great weekend.  We were blessed with an easy drive to and from, despite the holiday travelers.  It seemed to be the perfect time to be there because the weather was just right.  It was only a  little brisk but even without my jacket (which I forgot) I never got that cold.  Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous.  At 5:30 in the evening we pretty much had Casbah restaurant to ourselves.  I was worried this meant the belly dancer wouldn’t make an appearance but she did.  The girls ran up, tipped her and got a lesson.  They looked adorable.  After they pranced back to the table she pulled me up for  a lesson.  There was no getting out of it, so I danced.  After dinner we walked along the river front and stopped at The Savannah Candy Company and The Warehouse.  The girls played on a boat-shaped “playground” while Mark and I sipped on Yuengling. We ended the evening with the girls telling us all they were thankful for.

Friday morning we headed out for a day of sight-seeing.  We decided to buy a touring package deal.  We took the green and orange bus to the Savannah History Museum.  We watched a movie on Savannah’s history.  I realized there are certain periods of history I am very fascinated by and so much of what took place in Savannah throughout the years intrigued me.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Olglethorpe (the founder of Savannah) had originally prohibited slavery there.  His reasons were less about the inhumanity of it and more about work ethic in general, but it was nice to know it at least began with these kinds of standards.  (Eventually the citizens demanded the use of slaves and the ban was lifted at least until slavery was prohibited nationwide.)  I was also very inspired by Juliette Gordon Low’s story and may even consider putting the girls into Girl Scouts (which is something I was terrified of as a child).  After the tour of that museum (which houses the famous bench that Tom Hanks sat on in Forest Gump) we went back to the river front and had a delicious lunch at Huey’s.  After lunch we went to the Telfair museum and completed the tour of the entire city on the green and orange bus.  It was in the evening we discovered we had arrived in Savannah on the weekend of Holly Days.  Holly Days included an outdoor ice-skating rink and “snow” among many other interesting activities.

On Saturday morning we bought passes for the girls to play in the “snow” and did that for a short while.  Callee got hit with a snow ball immediately upon entering and ran back to me crying.  It was their first time ever seeing “snow” (the “snow” was actually shaved ice blown off of a truck).  After about twenty minutes of getting hit with snowballs we headed to the Owens Thomas house.  It was the first house in Savannah with indoor plumbing.  The architecture was amazing and the entry way made me feel pretty good about the color choice in our master bedroom.  After that tour we ate lunch at Clary’s.  Clary’s was one of the restaurants seen in the movie Goodnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  It was delicious and I’m sure way more fattening then any omelet should be.  We ended Saturday with a Ghost Tour, which wasn’t quite the same without entering the Sorrel-Weed house (a haunted house featured on Ghost Hunters that used to be included in the tour).

I thought about Amy a lot while on the trip.  There were many times when I had to force back tears, but Mark I think knew and asked several times if I was OK.  One of my facebook friends had commented that I would see a frog while on the trip.  I saw a lot of frogs, though not real ones.  I saw so many decorative frogs that I felt there was no way Amy would send signs in that abundance.  Simply put, I realized frogs are cute and a lot of people like them.  So Saturday afternoon (after having come to this conclusion) we stopped one more time for the girls to play in the snow on the way back to our hotel.  I was leaning on the fence and looked down.  There was some sort of toy there and I asked Bella to pick it up.  When she did I realized it was a toy frog.  She handed it to me and I knew IT was from Amy.  I could almost feel Amy’s giddyness at watching my girls play in snow for the very first time.

So this post is way past my personal word count limit, so I will sum it up for now.  I am thankful for a wonderful weekend with my family!  I learn a little something new each time I go to Savannah and definitely make new and special memories with each visit.

*I will add some pictures when Mark moves them from the camera…