My Books

I am the author of the award-winning, Young Adult novel series, THE PAST LIVES OF LOLA RAY:

Summer of Stars (The Past Lives of Lola Ray Book One) 2014 FAPA President’s Book Awards Silver Medalist

In this life, Lola’s family is falling apart. In the last one, they were murdered. In this life, Lola just wants to be normal, without the obsessive urges that have her vacuuming at least three times a day and a bipolar mother who’s the poster child for mood swings. Lola thought that turning fifteen would bring change for the better, but a strange vision puts her on a crowded train headed for Auschwitz. Is she losing it or looking through a window to a past life?

An Unrequited Fall (The Past Lives of Lola Ray Book Two) 2014 FAPA President’s Book Awards Gold Medalist

Falling in love hasn’t been simple for Lola Ray. Not in this life or her past lives. In this life, she’s fallen for her best friend, Ian. When she finally summons the courage to tell him how she feels, he introduces her to the new girl, Quinn. It doesn’t take long to realize Quinn wants Lola out of the picture and Ian all to herself. In this follow-up to SUMMER OF STARS, Lola struggles to keep her friendship with Ian intact while flashing to another past life. This time it’s a Georgia plantation where a forbidden love blossoms. What will she experience this time? Will seeing the past change the present?

A Winter Without (The Past Lives of Lola Ray Book Three) 2015 FAPA President’s Book Awards Silver Medalist

On her fifteenth birthday, Lola Ray flashed back to her past life – and death – in the Holocaust. That life was followed by visions of another as the daughter of a slave owner on a Georgia plantation. She has now seen her own death twice, and Ian White, the boy she loves in this life, was pivotal in both. Desperately hoping to break the cycle, Lola defies her destiny by diving into a new relationship with handsome Sri Gupta. But then the visions begin again, this time in a Puritan colony. He wears another face, another name, but Ian is there. Will this life end as the other two did, with death before her sixteenth birthday?

Spring Returning (The Past Lives of Lola Ray Book Four) 2015 FAPA President’s Book Awards Silver Medalist

A normal girl would be excited about turning sixteen, but Lola Ray isn’t normal. Since her fifteenth birthday, she’s been plagued by flashbacks to past lives, seeing herself die three different times – each on the day before she would turn sixteen. To make matters worse, Ian, the boy she loves now, has suffered in those shared past lives as well. When spring arrives, Lola is happier than she’s been in a long time. But then Ian is in a terrible accident and the flashbacks to yet another past life begin. Can the tragic cycle be broken before Lola is killed again?