Guest Poet-Sada

I’ve talked about my teaching years a bit here lately.  I taught for 5 years and have a handful  of students that I will NEVER forget.  They are the ones that touched my heart and made my years as a teacher so worth it.  I’ve been honored to reconnect with a few of them through Facebook.  I was very excited to find Sada and to discover that the young boy I watched grow by leaps and bounds in second grade is now an intelligent, thoughtful, and talented 11th grader.  He is also a writer.  With his permission I am sharing a poem that he wrote and posted on Facebook yesterday.  I found it to be a powerful piece.  Thank you, Sada!!

Burning the Bridges to Humanity

Cannot see the world as I used to


By every face that passes

These wretched eyes

Mind full of malice and unvoiced hatred

Tell me what is it

You see me doing in the near future

I admit I have truly lost my wits

We’re all in a circus

Alas I’m the poor fool who fell from the tight rope


A good word

But I’m sorry to say it no longer applies to me

Views have changed as the seasons do

The tides of fate are

Pushing and pulling me to

My ever fortunate victims

Pained outcries

Dreams filled with laden sorrows

I am a wretch freed from the constraints society

Continuously placed on him

No beast that can be shackled

Delve into my world

Come, come

Being that I’d love to see the very

Fabric of your mind unravel

Colorful torture ensues as you test my limits


Allow me to be the judge on that

You may know

What it was you were living for

But that does not mean

You know what you are dying for

My sacrificial lamb

Bit by bit

Die so that I may

Burn the bridge

Linking me to

My own humanity


3 thoughts on “Guest Poet-Sada

  1. Dave Moulton March 8, 2011 / 8:05 am

    Excellent Sada,
    One small suggestion, try to use “I” more. It makes what you are saying more powerful. When you say “We’re all in a circus,” I can say “Not me. I’m not in a circus.” But if you say “I’m in a circus,” I can say “Yes, I can relate to that feeling because I’ve been there.”
    Keep on writing,

  2. Sada Ndongo March 8, 2011 / 10:26 pm

    Thanks Dave, that’s actually pretty helpful I’ve been working on these poems for a while and I honestly don’t get enough constructive criticism. Thanks you and thank you Mrs. Horner this is the exposure I could use to grow and mature with my art. Yes, Dave I will definitely continue on writing!

    • lesleehorner March 9, 2011 / 8:17 am

      Thank you, Sada for letting me share the poem. You are really talented!

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