Do People Think This is Okay?

I know my share of loving, caring, good “Christian” folk who vote Republican and even align themselves with the Tea Party Movement.  I know those people were out at the polls in full force this past November voting in the new Rockstars of the Republican party.  What I really want to know though is how those loving, caring, Christian people feel now that the Rockstars are getting to work.  Are you all really okay with what they are doing?  Do you still feel like they’re bringing the morals and ethics back to our country?

What I’m seeing is a nationwide assault on the middle class by way of attacking government workers.  Who are government workers?  They are the men and women who teach our children from elementary school all the way through college.  They are the police and fire workers who protect our neighborhoods and rescue us when we are in trouble.  They run our prisons and keep the bad guys locked up so we remain “safe.”  They are the postal workers who deliver our mail.  They issue our driver’s licenses, work in our libraries, run our court system, protect our children, and do a lot of other behind the scenes stuff to make everyday life run smoothly.  They are not highly paid and mostly take their jobs because they want to serve the community and perhaps choose security over high pay.  (I always remember my father encouraging us to consider government jobs.)

So what happens when you pay those people less and don’t offer them the security?  What happens to our children’s education when the people who teach them become desperate?  Or what about the safety of our community?  And as far as the people who work for the government…are they really all liberals?  And if not, how do you Tea Party/Republican/government workers feel about this assault on your livelihood???

Next I’m seeing a nationwide assault on underprivileged women and their children.  They are trying to cut funding to Planned Parenthood and WIC.  So let’s get this straight, we’re going to make women have their babies but not fund the places that give them care during their pregnancies or help them care for their babies once they are born.  Choosing to cut funding to Planned Parenthood is sort of like closing a bookstore because there are Penthouses on the magazine rack.  They use a lot more of their resources on helping women stay healthy before and during pregnancies than they do terminating them.

These new Rockstars are also trying to cut funding to public broadcasting.  Are you kidding me?  Once again, I know a lot of mothers out there who are Republicans but also have children growing up on Sesame Street,  Martha Speaks, and Curious George.  Do you really think losing those resources for your children is worth the little bit of money it will save?  The way I see it, they get rid of those programs and the only choice I have as far as TV goes is to let my kids watch Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel.  That’s just great!  Right now my girls watch PBS with no commercials.  They never ask for anything because they see nothing advertised.  They also have an incredible vocabulary because of quality programing.  But hey, I guess it’s worth it to give that up for ICarly and Hannah Montana right?  I’d much rather them be consumerist robots with a tweenage attitude then intelligent individuals.  Would you agree my Tea Party friends??

Frankly, I don’t think any of this is okay!  The fact that this movement is backed and led by so many “Christians” just outrages me.  Christianity is supposed to be based on Jesus’ teachings and way of life.  Last time I checked Jesus was all about compassion, love, forgiveness, and offering help and healing to those in need.  From the actions I am seeing put forth by the Tea Party, I’d say they are doing just the opposite.  In fact, I could go as far as to say the movement is Anti-Christian.  But what do I know?  I’m sure many of my Tea Party friends could find all sorts of Bible verses to support the display of disrespect and hate that is in the forefront of our political scene right now and they wouldn’t listen to me if I tried to argue.  But I couldn’t sit around wondering anymore either.  I really have to know.

Do you guys (Tea Party/Republican/Christians) really think this is all okay???


2 thoughts on “Do People Think This is Okay?

  1. Lynn Woes February 24, 2011 / 6:11 pm

    I am a Christian libertarian and also have worked for the government in the public schools and in the WIC program. Until recently I was on the WIC program. I love women and babies and want to support them. I’m still for cuts to the WIC program though, along with every other government assistance program.

    Its not that I don’t want babies to be fed or I want malnurished pregnant moms. I just believe that the government is not nearly as effective at providing public assistance as non-profit charities. I blog about WIC regularly and even recently posted how I think we could make those cuts to the WIC program without hurting women, infants, and children. The problem is the cuts would hurt Nestle and the Dairy industry. We have a lot more people lobbying for Nestle and the Dairy industry than we have lobbying for the poor. We need politicians on ALL SIDES to stop listening to the big corporations lobbyists and start listening to the American citizens. If we did that we would find we could cut spending dramatically on WIC and the women, infants, and children would not be hurt!

    I love women, infants, and children. I’m not in love with Nestle or the Dairy farmers and I don’t desire the government to continue increasing tax dollars to support those companies under the pretense of just helping women, infants, and children.

    • lesleehorner February 24, 2011 / 7:35 pm

      Thank you so much Lynn for stopping by and commenting.

      I remember when I was a new mother it really bothered me that the WIC program seemed to provide formula (thus putting money in the big corporations pockets) more easily then support and encouragement for breastfeeding. I was one of those crazy pro-breastfeeding mamas! I don’t know a lot about the cuts being considered for WIC. Admittedly I included that because someone told me about it in a conversation last night. I know that there is a lot of mis-management of funds in various government programs and it definitely needs to be addressed. But it seems so many of these cuts they are considering don’t raise or save nearly enough money to make a difference.

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