George and Me

Every week night at 11pm, if I’m still awake, I lay in bed and watch Seinfeld.  What I have realized over time is that I have a certain affinity for the George Costanza character.  In fact, he is without a doubt my favorite.  He is also arguably the most annoying character on the show which brings me to question why I like him so much.  Today it occurred to me that I have a lot in common with ole  George and maybe that’s why I like him.  So I thought I’d run down the list of things I have in common with George.

1.  Choosing comfort over style. There was an episode where George was out of work and started wearing sweatpants every day.  That about sums up the past three winters of my life.  When I bought my first pair of Old Navy sweatpants I discovered a certain level of bliss.  Now I have four pairs and rotate them throughout the week.  I also live in sneakers and rarely put on make-up.  I get the idea of investing in your beauty and the face you put forward in the world, but I just can’t seem to sacrifice my comfort to do that.  Thus, I feel a lot like George…

2.  Thinning hair. Alright, this one totally freaks me out, but two years ago when I cut my hair super short I realized that it is not nearly as thick as it used to be.  These days I part my hair over a little further than I used to and try not to obsess about the hairs that find their way to the drain in the shower.

3.  Often wonder what I do all day. What does George do at his job anyway?  In one episode his biggest responsibility is getting a birthday card signed and he can’t even get that right.  I’ve had so many moments over my lifetime, whether it was school, work, or parenthood, where I just feel like I’m not doing enough.  Right now, I’m scanning the room (that my husband would lovingly refer to as a “clutterbox”) and wondering how to get myself motivated enough to clean it every. single. day.  I mean seriously…I’m a stay-at-home-mom, I consider cleaning a part of the job description there.  Yet, I SUCK at it!

Now for the last thing I have in common with George…

4.  I can be a bit self-deprecating. From where I’m watching, George doesn’t think too highly of himself.  He’s beyond surprised when women show interest in him and he has very low expectations for what he’ll receive in his life.  Because of this he has a hard time telling people what he really feels.  He even finds himself sending out wedding invitations when he doesn’t want to get married at all.  I had a George moment a couple of months ago.  Lissa posted something about a video project she was doing geared toward young girls.  They were looking for mothers of daughters to play a role in the video.  I decided to put my name in for it.  I sent an email, honestly thinking it was a shot in the dark and I didn’t really have a chance.  Three hours later a producer from LA called saying they loved what I wrote and wanted me for the project.  I hung up the phone and the only thoughts going through my head were you’ll never be able to do this, you’ll ruin the whole thing, you really shouldn’t let them waste their money on you. In the end, I didn’t get a call back about the project.  I’m not sure what happened, but honestly I was somewhat relieved because I just didn’t have the confidence that I could actually DO it.

In the end it is probably unfortunate that I liken myself to George…these particular characteristics aren’t either of our stronger ones.  But it is what it is and all I can say is I’ll work on it.  (Hopefully a little harder than I work on cleaning my house.)

*Was fixing breakfast for the girls and remembered I didn’t include the most important thing I have in common with George.  I’m cheap..


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