Invitation to Hogwarts

As I’ve mentioned, at church with the middle-schoolers, we are doing a unit based on the Harry Potter series.  The first lesson was “Are you Magic or Are you Muggle?” In that lesson we talked about the principle that God is within us.  This principle and the subsequent understanding of it is what makes us magic.  When this idea makes its way from head to heart you are awakened.  Once you acknowledge the awakening, I believe you begin your true spiritual journey.

This past Sunday our second lesson was titled “Platform 9 and 3/4.”  In this one we discussed breaking through our brick walls.  The brick walls in our lives are those things that challenge us.  It’s natural to be nervous and scared, but the important thing is finding ways to let go of the fear and make our way to the other side.  In Unity, some tools we use are prayer, meditation, and affirmations.  Ultimately it is coming back to the invitation and realizing that we have magic within us and faith in that source will get us through anything.

The kids are really getting in to this curriculum and last Sunday we spent quite a lot of time talking about the books.  We talked about Mudbloods, half-bloods, pure-bloods, and squibs.  We talked about the different characters and their variations of power.  During this conversation, I came up with a very interesting metaphor with the mystical journey.  Mytics or those who seek the path of mysticism could be compared to those in the Wizardry world.  I think anyone that releases themselves (or even simply desires to release themselves) from the restraints of Dogma and organized belief systems is on a road toward mysticism.  In Harry Potter, Dumbledore represents the mystic and all those teachers and students seek to reach his level of awareness.  So in a way, once you’ve stepped on the path to TRUE enlightenment, you have entered “Hogwarts.”

With that being said, all those who enter the path receive an invitation just like Harry and the other students of Hogwarts.  My invitation came in 2007 when I watched an episode of Oprah.  It was about The Secret and after viewing that episode my life changed forever.  I’ve spent the years since studying the Magic that is God and learning to understand how I can access and understand that relationship.  Although I could safely describe myself as a Mudblood (or Muggle-born) I still received my invitation. Apparently, I was always meant to embrace the Magic within.

What about you?  Are you Muggle or Magic?  And if you answered Magic, when did you receive your invitation?


2 thoughts on “Invitation to Hogwarts

  1. Deirdre January 18, 2011 / 12:45 pm

    Thank you for this! I teach a youth group on Wednesday nights with about ten kids. Even though we are not affiliated with the Unity church, our teachings are similar. I am always looking for new “material” to share with the kids to get them thinking on who they really are and to realize how much power they actually have over their own lives. We are a Harry Potter loving household, just for the reasons you’ve stated in your blog and also because it’s just such a fun series. Hopefully, I can put together a unity study for the kids using HP as the basis. Did you make your own, or was there a specific site that has this put together? If so, I would appreciate a link! Thanks again!

    • lesleehorner January 18, 2011 / 2:07 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment Deirdre! We actually are using a curriculum we purchased called “Lumindorf: School for the Magical and Mystical.” Here is the link to Diane Venzera’s website: . You can order the curriculum there, though I am not sure of the cost. If you would like more details about the themes of the lessons to know if you want to order it, feel free to email me at

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