Requesting a Sign

I know I’ve shared before that I’m working on a Young Adult novel.  I’m super excited about it and have managed to get over 0ne-third of it written.  It hasn’t been easy and I’ve hit too many walls with it along the way.  These walls have created breaks in the writing of it for weeks and months at various times.  I often think if I just committed to doing it, I could have the thing completed in 8 weeks or less.  But alas every time I think this, I get stuck again and spend 8 weeks simply wondering if, how, and when I’ll ever do it.

So, Tuesday (the 11th) in a sort of desperate, dorky moment I asked God to send me a sign.  If I was really meant to focus on this novel I wanted to see a hawk.  The request wasn’t too off the wall, as I see them pretty frequently, but it had been a few days.  The day went on and no hawk.  I began to think, OK the book is not where my focus needs to be right now, I get it.  Then after 5pm I stepped out the front door to watch Bella’s little friend cross the street to her house and a hawk flew out of one of the Oaks in my front yard.  It flew close enough to me that it was impossible to miss.  I said a silent thank you and have been pondering my novel-writing schedule over the three days since.

Today I had the idea of devoting the almost three hours each weekday that both girls are at school solely to writing.  I usually go to the gym during that time and then return home where I spend the remaining time writing blog posts instead of writing fiction.  I also must admit that a chunk of that time is eaten with checking emails, Facebook, and blog stats/comments.  The solution to this problem is to go straight to Border’s and park myself in the cafe to write.  I really believe if I can actually DO this, I can complete the first draft in less than 6-8 weeks!

So, I invite you guys to do two things.  First send me some good creativity vibes and second hold me accountable.  I need to be reminded to get off my ass, stop making excuses, and get this thing done.  Until I do, it’s just going to keep pecking at me and quite frankly I’m getting a little tired of it.


2 thoughts on “Requesting a Sign

  1. Tracie Lynch January 15, 2011 / 11:16 am

    When I get stuck it seems the most simple thing works for me. I like to jot down my thoughts and see where it takes me, then go back and read what I wrote. This often helps me get back on track and more times than not, the brainstorming will add a different perspective that I never would have thought about. Just a suggestion, of course this may not help everyone, but it helpes me. Good Luck, stay focused and remember the outcome as this alone will help keep you on track!

    • lesleehorner January 15, 2011 / 11:45 am

      Thanks Tracie! I did have a break through with why I’ve been stuck. I’d written a particular confrontation into a scene and it wasn’t believable. I really need to build up the tension before I write this particular conversation between the characters. So, starting Monday, I’m going to rewrite the scene, have the main character bite her tongue and see where we go from there…

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