Facebook Changes

When I joined Facebook I made a vow that I would not add a friend or accept a request unless I planned to actually say something to them.  I kept this up for quite a while.  Every time I connected with a new “friend,” I would do the standard catch-up whether through messaging or wall posts.  I would look through their pictures, read their information, and really re-acquaint myself with them.

Another rule I had is that I would never accept a request from a person I didn’t know.  I’d always check out the friends in common and even ask around to remind myself of the “friender.”  I graduated from a huge high school in a class of about 475, so it was very possible for me to not remember someone that I knew quite well back in the day (esp. with the girls who dropped their maiden names).

Now here I am over two years later, having broken all the rules I made.  Since I’m out here online as a writer, I’ve made an exception to the adding people I don’t know rule.  I’ve also neglected to “speak” to a lot of people that I do know and have connected with on Facebook.  At times I’ve added people out of curiosity and I’ve accepted people to just be nice.

For a while now I’ve felt that my page was too crowded.  It also hit me lately that I have a lot of personal stuff on that page, including countless pictures of my girls, that shouldn’t be available for just anyone.  Then, of course, I have to look at my writing life.  I love my role as an Owning Pink blogger and I’ve had lots of fun coming up with interesting articles for the readers of that site.  One post was about my annoyance with the trend of the Brazilian Wax.  It was titled “Bring Back the Bush” and got lots of views and responses!  I didn’t dare share it on my Facebook page.  I couldn’t stand the thought of my father, cousin, aunt, or 11-year-old-neighbor girl reading it.  But I do really want a space where I can share all my writing freely, knowing that everyone signed on for just that.

So yesterday I decided to go for it and created that Facebook place where people can friend me (and not just like me) and be a part of my writing life.  In a way I am building a place where fans can come and actually talk to me.  I want to network with other writers there and ask them about their work as well. This is my year to really get out there, complete my novel, and have my work in more places than just here.  The new Facebook page is the first step in living as if I am already a published author (of books)!

Along with that I am going to downsize my personal Facebook page from in the 500’s to in the 200’s or less.  If we are/were personal friends and we communicate via phone, email, messaging, chat or in person you will remain on my page.  If we are connected only through writing and really don’t know each other beyond that I will just transfer you to the new writer’s page (but I do want to stay connected with all the fellow writers in my life). If we are friends AND you enjoy my writing and want to keep up with it, you will be on both lists.

If you notice any of these changes please do not take offense.  Just know that it is about separating my private life from my public life and also freeing up space for me to focus on my goals.  I am so grateful for your support.  If you want to connect with Leslee Horner, the Writer please do so by sending a friend request here. As for the Waiting for the Click page, I am considering nixing that altogether, so just keep that in mind if you follow me there.


One thought on “Facebook Changes

  1. Laura January 13, 2011 / 9:17 pm

    This is a fabulous idea, Leslee. So happy that you went for it. 🙂

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