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Alright, I’m bringing back the topic of Tarot (John Ballantrae-you out there?).  A few years ago I bought the book Tarot For Yourself and with it you can uncover clues about yourself through the cards.  Between Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology you can find out a lot about yourself based on the date/time you were born.  Like I said in a previous post, I have tracked my “year card” for the past few years and for the next few.  So far they’ve been pretty accurate.

For 2009 my card was DEATH.  From what I understand, Death in Tarot is more about transformation and change than it is actual death.  A few of my important relationships definitely transformed in 2009.  I also started this blog that year and created a place where I could liberate myself in a way.  Without a doubt growth has resulted.  But of course, sometimes, Death might just mean death and of course 2009 was the year we lost Amy.

In 2010 my card was The Heirophant.  The Heirophant is about associating and living by a tradition, usually spiritual or religious.  Looking back, I do think last year was the year that I solidified my spiritual ideas.  I think that as the year drew to a close I was finally able to stop being ambivalent about my spiritual identity.  I also took a role as teacher this year at my church and feel at peace in that position.  I am loyal to my path and my path is all about the inner connection.

In 2011 my card is The Lovers.  This card is about balance and synthesis.  It is “combining the elements of head and heart, feeling and intellect.  The union of what is divine in us and in the universe.”  The healing I hope to achieve this year within myself is in many ways summed up by what this card represents.

I am very excited about the unfolding of 2011.  It feels so full of possibilities, as I realize every new year does.  If any of you would like to know your year card for 2011 just comment below and I’ll get in touch with you!  Also my friend Jennifer Shelton over at FemCentral does amazing astrology readings if you have the urge to delve into that.


4 thoughts on “Year Cards

  1. John Ballantrae January 6, 2011 / 1:41 pm

    Dear Leslee:

    I am a regular reader of your posts, so I read this one too.

    The card is The Lovers and we might have expected Romeo and Juliet or Abelard and Heloise, but instead we get Adam and Eve, or maybe it should be Eve and Adam if we read from left to right.

    Adam is on the fated side, so circumstances control him.

    Eve, on the other hand, can choose.

    So are you to understand the meaning of Adam and Eve by the end of the year; or are you to be Adam-and-Eve-like throughout the year?

    Adam is the creative spark that sets things in motion, but Eve does the work and is the container in which it all takes place.

    What sort of container are you, or are you going to be? You get to choose what you hold, or what you hold on to. What will those choices be?


    John Ballantrae

  2. lesleehorner January 6, 2011 / 3:08 pm

    Thank you John for reading and replying to this one! I really appreciate your insights on this stuff! Your information definitely brings more to light here. My goals for the year are about letting go of the past and bringing up for healing what I’ve buried through the years. That definitely speaks to choosing what to hold on to. Also, I want to take action on the creative inspiration that has been coming to me and seems to be coming full steam right now. So Adam is whispering in my ear and Eve will birth it into reality.

  3. John Ballantrae January 6, 2011 / 6:51 pm

    Adam and Eve are in Eden in the picture, where there is perfection and perfect harmony.

    Perhaps, then, instead of “bringing up for healing what I’ve buried through the years”, we should realize that we still have an actual connection with this perfect state, so the whole notion of having to be healed is illusory.

    What did Eve think as she gave in to temptation? What was she thinking? How could she be taken in by the serpent or by anything? What does Unity teach about Adam and Eve?


    John Ballantrae

    • lesleehorner January 6, 2011 / 9:03 pm

      Interesting seed to plant there…there is nothing to be healed, all that is real is love.

      Wasn’t Eve just making a choice in the moment? Did she think anything different would happen? And as far as I know, Unity just teaches the story as a metaphorical presentation of our free will and ability to choose Heaven or create our own Hell by believing we’ve been expelled from the garden. But…I am having breakfast with my minister next week, so I will have to ask her for more on that.

      Thank you again, John. I am so grateful for wise and spiritual people like you coming here and sharing!

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