My First Workshop/Retreat

For the past two years, I’ve attended an amazing collage retreat here in Tally on New Year’s Day.  It is something I look forward to and in ways count on as a jumpstart for my new year.  It wasn’t quite in the budget for me this year and I considered sitting at home and making my collage in solitude (well, not completely since two girls and a hubby would be nearby).  I had all the supplies and collaging is one of my favorite things to do, but what was missing was the energy of a group.  In a quick act-without-thinking-moment, I sent an email to the administrator at church and asked if I could host a New Year’s Day Vision Board retreat.  In minutes I got a “yes” reply and later that day I got my big “yes” from the Universe in the form of finding a bag of great magazines sitting outside of the dr.’s office.  Then and there it was decided.  I would lead my first workshop.

Despite lots of rain and a 45 minute power-outage, the retreat went great.  There were 7 total in attendance and at least 4 who were making vision boards for the very first time.  We had a mountain of magazines, yummy snacks, and soothing music.

I’ve written about vision boards in the past and just like previous years, I let spirit guide me to images and phrases.  I have to admit I came to the experience thinking about a theme for this year.  I thought my board would be similar to last years, which had lots of spiritual and contemplative images.  As I started to pull pictures I found myself pulling very different ones than I expected.  A few of the big pictures I pulled were very whimsical and imaginative.  I put more phrases on it than ever before and all of them were positive, uplifting, and exciting.  To me, this year’s board screams of miracles and magic.  When I look at it my heart sings.

Today at church we did a burning bowl ceremony and a white stone ceremony with the kids.  Among the things I released into the fire and turned over to God was insecurity.  Honestly I already feel lighter and more confident.  After we let go of the past we had a brief meditation to see what word God presented to us to embody this year.  I’ve been thinking of my own word for at least a week now.  I had decided that “healing” would be my word for the year.  Surprisingly during that very brief meditation, surrounded by kids ages 4-13, another word came to me: Victory.

I am feeling very good about this year and am trusting in the journey that I will be led to where I need to be.  Thank you God.  Thank you God.  THANK YOU GOD!



One thought on “My First Workshop/Retreat

  1. Jenny Defx January 3, 2011 / 10:05 am

    The confidence, excitement and gratitude shine bright in this post. I’m loving it!

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