Last Year’s Letter

I think I’ve told you about how each year at church we write a letter to God.  The letter includes our goals for the year and of course is written as if they have come to be.  That is one of the ingredients in the Law of Attraction, to believe it has already come to pass instead of just hoping it might happen.  Anyway, once the letters are written, church staff puts them away and mails them off to us the following year.  Last week I received my letter and have decided to share it with you.


Dear God,

You have me, do what you will for me.  I continue to be the instrument.  Show me who you desire me to be.  I am open to your voice and the inspiration you send.  I will put you and our work as priority in my life.  Guide me to heal and help those in need.  Offer me the platform to do your work.  Show me my purpose.  Let me be a voice and messenger for you.  I am open.  I am listening.  Move me, show me, make me.  I am here for you.  You have me.  I am trusting and faithful to your will for me.



As I re-read and reflect on this the only thing I am certain of is that God gave me a platform at Unity with the preteens and teens.  I am so happy in my position teaching those kids!  At the end of this year I am guided more than ever back to these goals.  Above all I want to listen and be open to guidance.


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