Cookie Crazy

In our house we are pretty big on not being wasteful.  This idea, of course, carries over to food.  If you ask for a snack or a meal, only get as much as you can finish.  We don’t do the “clean plate club” per se, we just start the girls with small servings and let them have more if they’d like.

Bella really takes our “rules” and way of life seriously.  For her, eating all the food you ask for equates to doing the right thing.  This works great in our house.  I rarely toss food in the trashcan as I’m sure so many other parents do.  But it doesn’t work so well when she goes out into the world, away from us.  Yesterday is a perfect example of that.

Her first grade class had their holiday party yesterday.  One of the activities was decorating cookies.  Every child got 5 huge cookies to decorate.  I got there late and only saw two cookies on Bella’s plate.  She ate one of them and with exhaustion in her voice asked me to eat the second.  It was only then that I realized she had also had 5 HUGE cookies and she’d eaten 4 of them.

Yes, she had applied the rule of not being wasteful to her class party that included excessive amounts of junk food.  After the party her class went to lunch and of course Bella ate everything I packed for her.

For a moment I was worried that she was a glutton, until it occurred to me that she was actually only doing what she thought was right and following Mom and Dad’s rules.  I guess it’s time to add an addendum to our rule…


2 thoughts on “Cookie Crazy

  1. Renee December 18, 2010 / 8:38 am

    Oh that poor kid! That’s so funny but I feel so bad for her.

  2. Kelley December 18, 2010 / 7:55 pm

    Very funny. Her poor tummy must have been aching!

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