Judgment Day

We’ve all heard the story before.  When you die, you’ll go up to the pearly gates and God (or somebody) will discuss your life with you.  You’ll look at the good deeds and bad as well as the various religious decisions you made.  At the end you’ll be given your sentence: Heaven or Hell.  OK, so I don’t know if this is how it really goes.  I suppose it’s in The Bible somewhere but I’ll admit to never actually reading about it, that I can remember.  I’m sure there is some variation of this story in each religion.  I mean without Judgment Day how in the world will we control the masses?  Of course I also think it has to be more than just an issue of control.  If so many people and organizations believe some version of it, then some version of it is probably true.

Today, I’m going to share with you my version.  Over the years I’ve read a lot of spiritual and woo-woo books that have helped me formulate this idea.  I do believe there is a Judgment Day, but the person doing the judging is us or rather the divine part of us.  I believe that before entering our bodies and lives we create a contract.  We have various challenges we must work through and qualities we must work with.  I think we make pacts with other souls to help us meet our goals.  If there is someone in your life who presses your buttons, you better believe it’s in their contract to do that.

With that being said I believe that when we die our souls leave our body and ascend to the other side (Heaven if you’d like).  Once there we are greeted by a soulmate-spirit guide, angel, or deceased loved one-who leads us to our life review.  During this life review we see and experience everything we did in our human life at a whole other level.  (Does the phrase “my life flashed before my eyes” ring a bell?)   We feel the pain we caused others as well as the joy.  We understand at a deep level what affect our decisions had on the world around us.

When the review is over we evaluate ourselves and how successful we were at achieving the goals set forth in our contract.  In some cases we may have reached the level intended and can ascend to the next Heavenly stage.  In other cases we see that we still have much to learn and after some rest we get started on planning another life on Earth-which some might consider Hell.

What I believe is that our souls are of God.  That is the image and likeness within us.  When we emerge into life it is God’s wish to experience the realm of humanity.  The devil we encounter in this human world is that of free will or ego.  It is the gift we are given by God to learn,  make choices, and live.  We cannot truly experience anything unless we have felt it’s polar opposite.  So we are both God (soul) and the Devil (ego, free will).

At the end of our life we will be judged, but not by any man in the sky.  We will experience and judge our own experiences, based on what God intended for us to give and take from this life.  The only Hell we can possibly experience is that of leaving Heaven and our limitless form to return to a body on Earth.

So, that’s my take on Judgment Day.  If it feels good to you take it as your own, if not please leave it behind and find what feels like truth to you.  We are all on our own paths and must search within ourselves for the answers to these questions.  This is just an answer that makes sense to me.



4 thoughts on “Judgment Day

  1. Megz December 14, 2010 / 7:11 am

    Dear Leslee,

    My religion (I am Hindu) says that there are 8400000 species in the world. When we die, based on how we have fared in this life, we get assigned to any of these. Youhave to lead a really pious and holu life to escape from this endless cycle of life and death as you really don’t get a chance to do much once you are any life form other than a human. ..

    But I think we don’t have to wait till end of life to suffer the consequences of our deeds. It all happens here in this lifetime.

    I have seen downfalls of a number of people who have intentionally harmed/ hurt others. I have also seen very simple people who have led a pious life getting all the comforts in their old age. This might not be the norm in all cases but then there is the entire thing of past life karmas.


    • lesleehorner December 14, 2010 / 8:57 am

      Thanks for this information Megz! I sometimes forget when writing my blog posts that I have readers from other countries and religions. I tend to focus on the issues happening in America and on my own Christian (Baptist) upbringing.

      I think that we definitely reincarnate many, many times and it takes a truly exalted (is that the right word?) being to actually be able to complete the cycle of death and rebirth. But I do think we are all intended to climb off the wheel eventually.

  2. Megz December 14, 2010 / 10:52 am

    You better get used to it.. and I hope you get lot many followers from this side of the world.

    All I meant to say was that I think that people get to experience the results of their deeds in this lifetime only..

    Exalted or illuminated.. doesn’t matter.. we get the gist and I am not sure if I qualify 😉

  3. julian December 15, 2010 / 12:52 pm

    I ran across an article on Huffington Post title “What are you going to do with the rest of your life”

    It starts like this:
    We were in the Lake District in north England teaching a course at a meditation center. Ed was chatting with a nun called Avis. He was somewhat joking when he said to her, “Someday we will all meet up in heaven together.” Avis replied, “Yes, and we’ll look at each other and say, what was that all about?!”

    I don’t know… your post reminded me of that paragraph.
    I like to think it all will turn out something like that once we get to the other side.

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