Inspired by Nature

This is a journal entry I wrote while at the Uniteen Retreat at Camp Weed.


Right now I am sitting on a bench staring out over what used to be a lake.  It is amazing to think of how the Earth changes and shifts.  The lake is now an empty bowl filled with small trees-infants-growing out of a fertile ground rich with the remnants of the life that once inhabited a body of water.  An entire community sacrificed at the hands of change.  If I compare those creatures to the inhabitants of cities of biblical times-those places that God destroyed as vengeance for their own sins and destruction-I might say these fish, turtles, and gators deserved their fate.  But did they really?  Were they even aware?  No.

Many of us humans are as unconscious as the animals.  We live moment to moment or perhaps with feet firmly planted in the past.  We know what went before and imagine nothing different for the future.  We know sickness, pain, distrust, and lack.  We wish for something more but don’t know to believe it could be real.  It’s a fairy tale dream.  Is there a prince to kiss us-wake us from the slumber?  We mistakenly believe that if such a “man” exist we can only hope he stumbles upon us.  Lady luck could bring him our way.

We don’t stop to ask if there is a prince for us all and of course there is.  He’s a part of us.  He burns within us.  He whispers gently, “Wake up, wake up.”  We are both the sleeping princess and the prince.  We are death and rebirth.  We are evidence of change.

If the animals in the lake had what we have and could wake up, they would ask their mother (nature) to fill them and give them the source of nourishment so they may live and be at peace.  If we would all accept the kiss.  Honor what is at our core we would know that all is well.  Life is a cycle.  There are floods and droughts, seasons of abundance and loss.  If we are awake we will know the extremes are not who we are.  We are the peace that passes through that.  It is a river we can always jump into.

What makes us alive is using our gifts and talents.  Anything filled with love and passion is a part of that river.  It doesn’t matter if it brings wealth, it matters how the cells in your body respond.


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