Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello everyone on this Thursday!  The clickstories inbox is empty today, so this post is a little different from the norm.  Last Friday, I posted the “Story of Stuff” website with video.  I hope that some of you watched it and maybe a little something shifted inside of you. Before watching that video, I had already decided that I wanted to be more conscientious with my gift giving this year.    After watching it, I decided I wanted to do my best to give experiences rather than stuff.

I came up with some brilliant ideas for experiences for about half the people on my Christmas list, but that left me with a few that puzzled me.  My next idea was charitable contributions made in people’s names.  I might still do that for a few people, but it wasn’t quite right for the handful of folks on my mind today.  So, if I’m not giving an experience or supporting a charity at this time of year, the next best thing is to support a friend.

I have a friend named Susanna who has a company called Awakening Balance.  She makes and sells aromatherapy products and is also a massage therapist.  I stopped by her place today to do my Christmas shopping and I must say her products are wonderful.  This woman is so talented and every product (along with smelling delicious and having it’s own set of healing qualities) is a work of art.

The item that caught my attention and the contents of my wallet today was a product she recently came up with.  It is a perfume locket.  There are at least 6 different lockets to choose from and Susanna fills them with scents (the consistency of chapstick).  You can wear the locket and just let the scent waft from it and you can also rub the scent from the locket onto your skin.

Another one of my favorite items and great Christmas gift idea is her “Release Kits.”  She learns a little about the person she is creating it for and personalizes it.  It is a box that contains everything you would need to make a little ritual out of “letting go of what no longer serves you.”  Like I stated, the box is personalized (so each one is unique) and absolutely gorgeous (did I mention Susanna is an artist?).  At Unity each year around New Year’s we do a burning bowl ceremony where we write down the things that we want to release and put them in the fire-turning them over to God.  With Susanna’s Release Kit you can do your own burning bowl any day of the year.

If the two products I mentioned above haven’t caught your attention, Susanna also sells soaps, candles, oils, natural bug spray, car air freshener kits, body butter, eye masks, men’s products, kid’s soaps, and various combination kits.  She is a wonderful mother to three children and has her business out of her home.

Her website is here, though I don’t think it has been updated with the newest products I mention in this post.  You can also just email her ( to get more information about her products and shipping information.    And if you are a Tally resident, consider a massage while you’re at it!


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