Feeling the Right Way

Over the summer we had RSVPed to a wedding in St. Pete Beach.  I was very excited about the decision to go.  It felt right.  A couple of days before the trip Mark noticed a tropical storm on the radars heading straight for the place we were going.  He asked me if we were still going to go.  I said yes.  I felt yes.  On the drive there the weather continued to look gloomier and gloomier.  As we got closer Mark asked if I was sure.  I was.  As we crossed the bridge from St. Petersburg to the shore the outgoing traffic was unbelievable.  Mark wondered aloud if they knew something we didn’t.  Were they evacuating?  Maybe we should turn back?  I paused and tuned into my body.  There was no anxiety or fear there.  I told Mark it would be fine, if it wasn’t going to be fine I’d feel it.  We crossed the bridge.  It rained on and off the rest of the day.  The next morning the skies cleared and the weather was beautiful.  We spent the day playing on the beach and in the evening we attended the outdoor wedding that went off without a hitch.  I guess the tropical storm just fizzled out before it reached us and I was extremely grateful that I’ve learned to feel through my body the right way to go.

This past weekend had originally been blocked for us as a Disney World weekend.  The girls were out of school on Friday, the deals were good, and our season passes are always burning a hole in my pocket.  But a few unexpected trips arrived on our calendar as well as a couple that were already planned.  It didn’t feel like the right thing to do.  It was less than a week before when we made the final decision not to go.  My neighbor was going and a couple of my Facebook friends were too.  I’ll admit that I felt super jealous but still felt we made the right decision by not going.  In the end Bella ended up getting really sick on Saturday.  As I write this (on Tuesday) she is still sick.  We wouldn’t have enjoyed Disney World very much and I was glad I’d trusted the way I felt.

Mark has said to me before that when I really want to do something, we do it.  To some extent that’s true, but I’m realizing it is more about the way I feel about doing it.  There are places I’ve wanted to travel to or events I’ve wanted to attend but just haven’t felt the incentive to push forward and make plans.  There have also been times (like a trip I have coming up in November) where something has seemed impossible but so necessary that I will find a way to work it out.  I will let you know how this trip in November goes after all is said and done, but a perfect example of one of these trips was the girls’ weekend I went on with Amy just months before she died.  It took quite a bit of planning and organizing to get that done but it felt right and it most definitely was.

Your body is actually a quite brilliant navigation device if you put it to use.  I know I’m not alone in saying that I feel when things are right or wrong.  One of my goals is to always use those feelings to guide me to just the right places and experiences for me!


One thought on “Feeling the Right Way

  1. meeshelleneal October 27, 2010 / 3:47 pm

    A good reminder to just sit and breathe with something before jumping in 😉

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