Slow Down

My message for today was “Slow Down.”  I went to the mindfulness meditation meeting at church this morning with my mind going 100 miles per hour.  It’s hard to be mindful of your breath and body and sensations in the present moment when you are very busy thinking and planning.  I haven’t said anything on the blog about it, but I am working on that novel.  Not the novel I posted here, but the one that I’d intended to start writing when I began posting “click stories.”

The “clicks” took on a life of their own though and I didn’t really find myself with a lot of extra time to write.  In fact I spent just as much time writing introductions, tweeking the font sizes, and requesting author photos.  I love the click stories though and even wrote a book proposal for a book that would compile all those wonderful stories.  (With the permission from the authors of course.)   I queried about 10 literary agents without getting any requests to see or learn more about the project.  That’s when I originally felt my message was to slow down.

I put that project on the back burner just as the guest posts stopped rolling in.  That is also when I changed my posting schedule to 3 times a week.  When I did this I had more time to just be.  As things quieted down I started to get inspired.  I’ve had the idea for a Young Adult book series for over a year now.   I know the major themes and plot points for 3 of 4 books.  I know the main character and her sidekick.  I’ve been trying and failing to force myself to think about it and to write it.  But finally after so many months I’ve started seeing it again.  When I’m not glued to my computer screen the characters pop into my head.  I can hear their conversations and feel their frustrations.  I’ve actually been writing it.  I set the same goal that worked for me before…3 pages a day.  It has been going very well….


I found out a friend of a friend is interning for a great New York literary agent from now until September.  They are seeking YA authors to represent.   Suddenly I felt this push to move faster.  I started planning how many pages a day I needed to write to finish the book in August.  I decided 6 would work.  Last night was the first night I tried to write 6 pages.  I successfully completed 1 page.  That’s it.  I didn’t even get my normal 3 finished.  I was frustrated to say the least, but decided it was OK, I’d only lost one day.  I could make up for it over the long haul.

Then I got to church today and was reminded to be mindful and slow down.  I’d started answering those questions on my own again.  The how was this connection to the New York agent and the when was September.  In just 30 minutes, Spirit reminded me that I’m not in charge of those questions.  I only need to remember the power to do it is within me.  Take action in the moment and have faith in the results.  Based on the current political climate and the research I’ve been doing on one of the major events I’m including in the 1st novel, I think this book will be an important and entertaining resource for young people right now.    I don’t want to rush this.   I want to do it right so that it will find it’s way to their hands (or kindles, Ipads, and laptops).


2 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. Jenny Defx July 19, 2010 / 8:50 am

    You’re going to do great!

  2. Alisha July 20, 2010 / 11:32 am

    Yeah. Man, it’s hard…but sometimes you just have to slow down. I am remembering this. Well, more so being told to do so by my husband, therapist, and creative coach 🙂

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