Watch What You Say

I’m veering from the format today.  I’m just not feeling the poetry.  I saw something on the news last night that made me both cringe and laugh, so I thought I’d write a little something inspired by that news story.

Bella is 6 years old now and is friends with a little girl who is also 6.  This particular child is very bright.  These days Bella comes home and tells us that her little friend is “always right” and “knows everything.”  So as the conversations continue and we learn facts here and there, we find that this is mostly not the case.  The last straw was when Bella asked us before eating at the breakfast buffet if we would take the meat off of her french toast before she eats it.  We laughed and said “There’s no meat on french toast.”  “Yes there is!” she replied, “that’s what my friend told me.”  Mark answered her by saying “from now on if your friend tells you something than you know that the opposite is actually true.”   And what do you think Bella did the next day?  She told her friend exactly what her father said about her.  Ooops!

Not too long ago I heard the story of a Grandpa who gave no thought to who was listening and walked around his house saying that Obama was an idiot.  The next day his 4-year-old granddaughter got in big trouble with her babysitter for calling our president an idiot.

Last night on the news there was a clip of Michelle Obama visiting with kindergarten or first graders.  One child raised her hand and said “My mom says Obama is going to send all the people without papers away.”  Michelle’s reply was “We are doing what we can to help people get their papers.”  The little girl then blurted, “Well, my mama doesn’t have papers.”  YIKES!  What a way to be ratted out…

The moral of this post is:  If you have a secret, an opinion, or perspective that you wouldn’t want shouted from the rooftops, make sure you don’t discuss it in front of your children.  They don’t miss a thing!!!


One thought on “Watch What You Say

  1. eastkentuckygal May 24, 2010 / 4:52 pm

    Absolutely! And it is very true with adolescent girls. They’ll tell you many a thing. We just hope they are talking to the right sort of people, and that we have nothing to hide. 🙂

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