Poetry Perhaps?

So I intended to share the shower curtain story today.  It was Amy’s favorite and she always loved to hear it.  The funny thing is, I can’t bring myself to write it.  When my sorority sisters get together (whether I’m there or not), it’s one of those stories we tell.  It’s embarrassing and entertaining.  I promise I’ll write it one day, but today I’m just too submerged in the cloud to be funny…..

Instead, let’s see if I can write a poem on the fly.

Called death, change

change, death

the old falls away

the new arrives

Talked about the phoenix

rising from the ashes

thought myself that bird

it’s true and not

death comes in waves

at first blow

you choke



but live

think you’ll be OK

smile a little

laugh even

until the next wave arrives

too bold

too brave

thought you could face it

but it comes

you fall




but live

you want to leave the ocean

but can’t

there is comfort in the pain

resisting the change

getting used to yourself

as soot and ash



One thought on “Poetry Perhaps?

  1. Kasey November 7, 2009 / 8:43 am

    Beautiful Leslee…

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