Dear Amy (Family and Friends)

First off, I must say that I am so happy that you either used obvious passwords or shared them openly with your husband, because Tim is keeping your Facebook page alive.  The day after you died he posted the sweetest, saddest, most beautiful letter to you on Facebook.  (I haven’t got the chance to ask him, but I’d love to share it here.)  I became immediately aware of what an amazing man he is.  His biggest concern was whether or not he had been a good husband and made you happy while you were with him.  I took the time to tell him how proud you were of him.  I said that you never complained about him  (or at least not to me), when you talked about him it was always with pride.  You’d tell me about his latest endeavors and just beam.

I was already out of state when the two of you met, so I never really got the chance to know Tim.  I did always know that he was a kind soul.  I knew from the way he took care of you and saw to it ALL of your dreams were fulfilled that he was special.  But being around him last week, opened my eyes to a whole new side of him.  And the messages he writes to you on Facebook prove how loving and brave he is.

I felt such an incredible amount of love being with your family last week.  I have never in my life known a family so close.  I spent 3 hours with you on September 17 and during that brief time I think your sister and mom both called you twice.  You never complained about them (just like you didn’t complain about Tim).  There was never any family drama…just love and fun.  You didn’t share their politics, but it didn’t change anything.  The last time we talked you said you loved to get them talking about politics, get everybody all roused up, but it never touched a personal level.  There was a great respect between all of you.  Your mom said to me the other night that she knows we (Heather, Kristin, and I) know some secrets that she doesn’t (which in all honesty, I doubt), but that she wouldn’t want to know them, they belong to us.

Now for us friends.  We’re missing you like crazy.  We’re searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.  You were such a joy in our lives.  Kristin was a member of your family.  The phone list on her fridge proved that to me. (1.Mom 2. Dad 3. AMY 4. SUSIE (your mom) 5. CANDIE (your sister) )  I was on the list somewhere, but you and your family were at the top.  We all check in daily.  (Which reminds me, I haven’t replied to that email yet.)  This is the most difficult loss any of us have experienced (that  I am aware of) and we are quickly learning the true meaning of grief.

You were the very best daughter, sister, wife, friend, and mother that anyone could ask for.  You did EVERYTHING right during your pregnancy and you brought those boys into the world, healthy and safe, before you left it.  Then you donated 4 of your organs to save 4 other peoples’ lives.  Those were your last great deeds and those actions prove what kind of person you were.  YOU WERE AND ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!


I’m pretty sure this is a song you used to play and sing at the top of your lungs back in the day….


4 thoughts on “Dear Amy (Family and Friends)

  1. moderndaystoryteller November 5, 2009 / 7:45 am

    Dear Leslee, I have been reading your letters/posts to Amy, all choked up and filled with nothing but empathy. Tried several times to comment but words failed me. Anything I attempted to say felt inadequate and useless. I haven’t forgotten the story I promised you. If you still need it, I will be honored to write it for you – been a little tied up with NaNo lately but getting used to it now. My thoughts and prayers to you and Amy and her family.

  2. Renee November 5, 2009 / 8:05 am

    I’m so sorry, Leslee (again). I can’t even imagine losing my best friend. I think it would kill me.

  3. Rob November 5, 2009 / 11:23 am

    That’s a pretty good version of the song; here’s the original ’68 ‘hippie’ cut:

    I think she’ll like this one….

    p.s. Historical note to all you young pups out there: ‘hippie’ was a term coined by the media, we preferred ‘freak’ since that’s what we were to the ‘conventional’ folks

  4. jane aka faerian November 16, 2009 / 1:15 am

    those beautiful boys are full of her…your love for her is shining strongly, you are honouring your friend’s life beautifully Leslee

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