There is no doubt that symbols are everywhere.  As I sit here typing this I am looking out my window at my neighbor’s FSU flag flying in the breeze.  The flag represents excitement and love for the Seminoles and the game.  Beside me on the table is a picture of Mark and me on our wedding day.  It reminds me of our love, how far we’ve come, and all that we share in this life.  Bella has a collection of acorns in her room.  They symbolize her respect for nature and desire to be close to it.  Callee carried her best friend’s birthday party invitation around with her for weeks.  She’d open it up to see the picture of him inside and be reminded of the special friendship she has.

It is a part of our human nature to want to be reminded of the things that make us feel good or the things we desire in our life.  A fourteen-year-old boy might have posters of bikini clad girls and sports cars hanging on his bedroom wall because he hopes someday to drive that car or know a girl like that.  And we see with the popularity of the Twilight book series, that it represents a passionate love that knows no end or boundaries.  Many girls (young and old) wish to be desired and fought for by someone as sexy as Edward Cullen (or Robert Pattinson).

And of course there are religious symbols.  What would spirituality be without them.  They remind us of our path, progress, and faith.  These symbols in and of themselves are not our Gods.  They represents the gifts that God gives us.  A Christian wears a cross around their neck as a symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice.  When they see or touch the cross, they think of their savior and know they are forgiven.  A Buddhist would have a lotus flower as a symbol for the progress of their soul.  The lotus flower grows through muddy and mucky waters to bloom with amazing beauty.  A Hindi might keep a statue of the goddess Kali on an alter as a reminder of the feminine energy of God.  The star of David in Judaism has a lot of symbolism, including a representation of unity and the relationship between God and Jewish people.

In my opinion, symbols are simply reminders that we use to stir our souls.  In this moment of my spiritual journey I am seeking to overcome obstacles and to find my way.  I want to be a good listener to those who come to me in love.  I want to let go of attachments that keep me planted and heed my progress.  I want to remember always the blessings that God is constantly bringing into my life.  I am seeking higher knowledge and when I look at Ganesha on my ankle, I am reminded of all of those spiritual goals.  I do not worship symbols, nor do I believe anyone else does.  I think all of us connect to the meaning behind them and that brings us bliss, comfort, peace, or passion to get through the daily grind.



5 thoughts on “Symbolism

  1. gratefulkim October 20, 2009 / 10:12 am

    You had me at Edward Cullen – ahhhhhh. I’m one of the “older” fans and my obsession fuels me in so many ways.

    I enjoyed this post very much and appreciate the definition of Ganesha. This was eye-opening. Your post today is right on in terms of the symbols we all attach to, and detach from, as we evolve as human beings in our own right. Thank you for your insights – it’s obvious you’ve spent much time researching and considering much.

  2. Kasey October 20, 2009 / 11:40 am

    Really enjoyed this post…and I’ve never seen the Ganesha symbol explained in such detail before…very interesting indeed. Thanks for posting!
    And…I’m such a huge fan of the Twilight series too…can’t wait for 11.20.09! 😉

    • lesleehorner October 20, 2009 / 1:13 pm

      Kim and Kasey- thanks for the comments. Glad you liked this one. One friend described the Hindu Gods and Goddesses to me as representing the attributes of the one true God. That explanation touched something within me and brought a great deal of comfort. I like the image of Ganesha for all of the wonderful symbolism.

  3. Megan Monique October 20, 2009 / 2:58 pm

    I found it odd that I opened up your blog today it was focusing on symbolism because I posted a discussion in the posse forum about whether the symbols in our dreams translated into our lives. The responses I got pointed to yes and now I am compelled to buy a dream interpretation book.

    Great post- I particularly like the pic of Ganesha BC I didn’t know all of the symbolism.


    • lesleehorner October 20, 2009 / 3:22 pm

      Not all of the symbolism in that Ganesh pic is on my tattoo. For instance, mine doesn’t have a rope. Alain did such an amazing job drawing what he did that I opted not to make a fuss. The most important pieces are in there…

      As far as dreams go, two symbols I am convinced of is that a house represents the individual and a car represents your life path. I often dream that I am wondering around huge, mysterious house, with many, many rooms. I always wake feeling that there is a lot yet to be discovered about what is within me.

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