Modern Day Dads

Over the weekend I had this moment where I felt both envy and adoration towards Mark.  You see Friday afternoon, Bella kept asking me over and over “When is Daddy coming home?  I want to play with Daddy.”  The girls (especially Bella) love every minute they get with him!  I don’t know if that’s the result of him working all week and the time they do get together is precious or if it’s just because he’s such a wonderful father.  Actually I think it’s both and probably leans more towards the “wonderful father” side.  I’m so proud of him as a father and it just keeps getting better and better as they grow.  He has so many little special things that he does with them that I don’t do (like making up goofy songs like “Oscar needs to take a flea bath but he says no, no, no” to the tune of Rehab and “It’s a nice day for a dog-petting” to the tune of White Wedding).  I do most of the day to day stuff for the girls.  I get them ready in the morning, feed them, and bathe them. It’s the routine, it’s what I do, but the thing about Mark is he can do it just as well (maybe better) than me.  The times I’ve had to go out of town and leave him with the girls, I haven’t hesitated or worried for a second about whether or not he could handle it.  He’s amazingly capable.

I’ve realized that there is something quite different about today’s fathers.  I guess it just has to do with the ever increasing shift toward balance in family relationships and so many of the dads I see are so involved with their children.  My dad was a good father, but there was definitely a division between what Mom did and what Dad did.  Dad was the bread winner, he put a roof over our head and food on the table.  He came home in the afternoon and kicked up his feet and watched the news.  If we were involved in sports than he’d take us to practices and go to our games.  (Which I LOVED!  I sometimes wonder if my sisters and I were involved in sports just for that reason.)  But other than that I don’t remember a lot of quality time with my father.

It seems now that all the dads I know are just so into their kids and spend ample quality time with them.  A friend of mine sent me another blog idea through facebook the other day.  He told me about the amazing “boys weekend” he’d had with his son.  He said that they had a blast together and at the end of it his 3-year-old son said “Daddy, I really love you a lot.”  He went on to tell me how priceless that moment was and how it made him feel like the best dad in the world with the most perfect son.  He suggested I write about these precious little moments that arrive without us planning and how they put everything else into perspective.  I decided instead to write about him and my husband and all the other Super Dads out there.  I am really impressed by these modern day dads who understand how much their children value them and go out of their way to be involved!!!

There are three blogs on my blogroll that are written by great dads who write with pride and love about their children: Gifts of Thought, Why is Daddy Crying?, and From Rock Bottom to Redemption


This is a picture of my three great loves…not the best picture of the girls but a great one of Mark.


3 thoughts on “Modern Day Dads

  1. Christi October 7, 2009 / 9:16 am

    So sweet – I am thankful he is so involved with my nieces! They will always have wonderful memories in their hearts!

  2. OpinionatedGift October 7, 2009 / 3:15 pm

    I’m honored and humbled to me mentioned here. Not sure I deserve it, but I thank you for such a sweet mention.

  3. eastkentuckygal October 8, 2009 / 10:21 pm

    Beautiful post! I’m thankful to have a husband much like your everyday, and to have actually had a father like this. Yes, he was the breadwinner, but after my parent divorced when I was 8 he also had to learn to fix our hair. He actually had to take us to a beautician once just to brush our hair. hehe… But, he was always involved in getting us to bed, feeding us, taking us to practices and school. I love curling on the couch with him to watch TV (Star Trek mostly). He’s my hero. And my husband is becoming that way to me too, because when I see him (during the times he is relaxed and feels like he has the time to spend) with the girls, I can see they feel the same about him as I did my dad.

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