Messages 2-Kisses from Pop-Pop

Since I was brave enough to share the story about Suzy yesterday, I thought I’d do another post along the same lines today.

When I became a stay-at-home-mom in 2004, I discovered Sylvia Browne day on the Montel Williams show.  I’d tune in as often as I could and listen to her answer people’s questions about their deceased loved ones.   Every time I watched her I was so excited and emotional, usually welling up or getting chills at least a few times per episode.  My rational mind tried to find glitches in her readings, but they all seemed so very legit.  One thing I always remember her telling people week after week is that loved ones that have passed often send signs that they are nearby.  Coins and butterflies are two of the signs she often mentioned.

As I’ve written before, my father-in-law died in 2005.  After his passing I wanted to know that he was still with us, especially with Bella.    On his birthday (Christmas Eve) of 2007 I was at the gym for a quick workout.  I had a fleeting thought about his birthday as I walked to the rack to return the weights I’d been lifting.  When I turned around, I glanced down to find a quarter sitting by my foot.  I picked up the coin and looked at the date…it was a 2005 quarter.  I felt immediately that it was a sign from him.  You see he was an avid coin collector and quarters are my favorite coins (I don’t know why but I am always thrilled when I receive them in change).

After that I decided that anytime I found a quarter, it would be a message from him and I asked (silently) that he send pennies to the girls.  I decided to call them kisses from Pop-Pop.  Sure enough, after I made that silent suggestion the girls began to find pennies almost daily, sometimes they would find 2 or 3 pennies sitting together in a parking lot.  One day we were in the car on the way to a playdate in the park and I began to talk to the girls about him.  I told Bella how whenever we find pennies we can just think of them as kisses.  When we arrived at the park and Bella hopped out of the car, she immediately bent down and picked up a penny!  It was all the verification I needed.

When Mark played his first gig with Spatial K, I thought of Billy.  Prior to that the last band Mark had been in was in Columbus, Ohio.  Both of our parents had come to that band’s last show.  During that first show with Spatial K, I looked up on the stage and saw a quarter.  I was amazed and felt like it was Billy letting me know he was watching after all.  I contemplated on whether or not to tell Mark and in the end decided to.  When Mark arrived home after me that night, I told him about the quarter and what I thought it meant.  He laughed and said, “You know I actually picked that quarter up.”  He showed it to me and I looked at the date.  I believe it was a 1991.  I asked Mark if there was anything significant about 1991.  He told me it was the year he started playing guitar!

As time passed the girls continued to find pennies and I continued to take them as signs.  The last time I remember receiving a sign of my own from him was right before the election.  Mark, the girls, and I were sitting in Cabo’s one Saturday discussing politics.  Right before we were leaving I said “I wonder if your dad would have liked Obama?”  About that time Bella starts digging between the seats trying to get to a coin she sees.  It was hopeless, there was no way to reach the coin.  As we were leaving the restaurant though I looked down to see what kind of coin it was and sure enough, it was a quarter!

3 thoughts on “Messages 2-Kisses from Pop-Pop

  1. Leigh October 12, 2009 / 10:17 am

    Pennies as kisses — lovely!

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