College Poetry

I continue to search through my old collection looking for previously un-published poetry to share.  I came across this one that was dated 10-4 (probably 1993) and thought it was interesting.  It was very sloppy though, so I’ve done a little editing to clean it up.  I think I was using what I saw in my dorm room as inspiration for this one, so bear with it.

The blades curve

The door is a trap

Bars to hide the wind

The triangles move

side to side

Frogs slipping and hopping through

the pond

The curving of the tin

folds into a never ending pathway

A circle of red interrupted at

moments of the grey

we feel

Flashing all around the conscience

extravagant places in time

Where we’ve been, what we feel

The fears, the love, loneliness, peace

Peace that never fills our heart

The lids slip

Emotion never felt

wasn’t enough

Unconscious to all sorts of



Shadowed by fear that never finds a way to

Slip away from those who never see past this reality


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