Fearing Death

It seems that the subject of death has been brought to my attention a lot over the last six months or more.  Two of my high school classmates passed away and even more celebrities have left us.  Just this week I was reading a blog post from @whyisdaddycrying about his wife going out of town to visit her cousin who is at the end of his battle with cancer.  We exchanged a couple of tweets about it and he replied to me that when this cousin finally goes he will be at peace and no longer suffering.  I decided to write this blog post after that exchange.

See, you might call it morbid, but I think that death may just be life’s greatest reward.  I believe our bodies are just vessels that carry us through this earthly experience.  I believe our souls are eternal and they live on, taking another shape or form and getting swooped back into the energy that is God.  Our life here is our spiritual education and although we may love it and have no comprehension of anything beyond it, it is filled with limitations.  Death shatters those limitations.

My father-in-law passed away about 5 years ago.  It happened while he was driving home.  He pulled off the road and he was gone.  He’d just been happily hanging out with his friends showing off the Christmas gift Mark had sent him.  The next day he and my mother-in-law were supposed to sign the contract to start building their dream house.  It was sudden, unexpected, and heart-breaking.  One person used his death as the confirmation for their atheism.  What kind of God would take a good man like that, so unexpectedly and while he was still so young. Even then, before I was certain of my beliefs, I knew it was a gift.  He never had to experience serious illness, depend on others to care for him, or even give up his beloved junk food.   As far as we know he was happy and vivacious right up to the last minute.  The only suffering that came from his death was from those who have missed him so dearly.

One of my very favorite lines from that Alanis song I posted the other day is…How about not equating death with stopping. I’ve come to realize and accept this as my truth.  When we die, we do not stop.  Our souls live on.  How they live on?  I’m not sure.  I don’t plan to find out anytime soon, but I am also no longer afraid of the idea.  I love my life experience, even the times when it hurts.  I would not choose to ever leave before my lessons are complete.  But I’m quite certain the exit will be just as joyous as the journey.


One thought on “Fearing Death

  1. heather October 31, 2009 / 10:58 pm

    I wish I had your courage. While I believe in God and life eternal, I still am a coward to death.

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