Patrick Swayze

Weeks ago, when John Hughes died, I thought about all of his movies and what they meant in my life.  I’d seen most of them, but realized that they didn’t have the affect on me that they had on most people.  There wasn’t one single character in The Breakfast Club that I could relate to.  My role in the teenage drama was so much less interesting than any of theirs and I certainly never would have found myself in detention.  I suppose I could relate a little to the Molly Ringwald characters in Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink, but at that time in my life my story lacked the romantic Hollywood ending and without that…who cares?

When Patrick Swayze passed this week, I got most of my information from Facebook and Twitter updates.  It was only after I started commenting on people’s updates that I realized how my life is measured by Swayze movies.  @OpinionatedGifts commented that when it comes to Patrick Swayze for him it’s all about  Roadhouse.  I commented “Definitely” because that was the first movie I shared with Mark.  In the history of our relationship, if Mark likes something, usually I like it too (even if I don’t think I will).   Mark loved the movie Roadhouse and it was the first gift I remember buying for him.  We watched it so many times together and yes, I love that movie too.

But after I made that initial comment “Definitely” suddenly I saw something on someone else’s status about Point Break and Dirty Dancing and I jumped back on to add that I also loved those two movies.  I was in 7th or 8th grade when Dirty Dancing came out.  I thought it was the best movie and totally fantasized about being old enough and having a boyfriend to dance like that with.  I had both soundtracks to the movie and remember playing them in a jambox at the beach and by the pool.  Dirty Dancing became one of those movies I would watch every time I was bored.  I watched it so much that it showed up all fuzzy from being overplayed.  Point Break came out when I was in 10th or 11th grade.  For a while it was my very favorite movie.  His character “Bodhi” was the best,  he was the most lovable bad guy ever (at least until I watched The Wire).  My roommate in college bought me a copy of Point Break as a gift.  It’s another one of my videos that has been majorly overplayed.

Then of course there is Ghost, which my mother bought for me one Christmas while I was in college.  I watched it and cried like a baby many times.  Also To Won Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, which I can’t remember anything about but know that I went to see it with my best friend, Kristin and Black Dog (with Meatloaf) which Mark and I rented in the first year of our marriage.

Patrick Swayze definitely left an impression on my life.  His movies were in the backdrop of the most important time in my life, when I formed the most important relationships of my life.  With this I send up a little thank you to him!


One thought on “Patrick Swayze

  1. Tara September 18, 2009 / 6:05 pm

    My life seems to be measured by movies and music. More by movies, though.

    Dirty Dancing is a long-time favorite. Definitely in the top five. RoadHouse is a close contender as well.

    I love both.

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