Star Wars Geeks

I just started watching that show The Big Bang Theory.  It is so funny and is based on these guys who are super smart and successful in their fields of science.  They are all stereotypical geeks and the best one of all is Sheldon.  He has to be the funniest character on TV currently.  I am quite sure in at least one episode they have made a reference to Star Wars, which made me start to wonder about the correlation between intelligence, success,  and being a Star Wars fan.

Mark grew up on Star Wars and is so into it.  When the new ones came out we saw each one during their opening weeks  in the theater.  We didn’t camp out or anything like that, but we were still there ASAP.  He is currently turning our daughters into Star Wars geeks.  They have seen all the movies except episode 6.  That DVD is  the only thing they beg for when we go to Target.  Callee knows all the characters names and when I take her to Border’s she manages to find everyone of the Star Wars picture books.  Mark has asked me if I think it’s OK and I’ve actually decided that its great for them.

My theory is that the kids who grew up as Star Wars fanatics apply the principles to their lives.  So first of all it teaches you to be less egocentric. The idea that there is this huge world out there with so many possibilities reminds you not to be too limited.  Who knows how many planets and life forms there really are and Star Wars does an excellent job imagining some of them.  Which brings me to the next plus…it encourages creativity and imagination!  Then of course there is the dark side versus the Jedi.  Despite the hardships and suffering that is endured along the journey, good always prevails in the end.  If not for this message, what would be the reason to be honest and ethical and follow through with good ideas.  Finally and most importantly we mustn’t forget THE FORCE.  I kind of think that every true Star Wars fan actually believes in the force and because they believe in it probably watch some pretty miraculous things happen in their lives.

So yes, I love that my girls are becoming Star Wars geeks just like their daddy.  For awhile Mark had this Yoda quote on his facebook page: “Do or do not…there is no try.”  That is one of the Star Wars quotes he lives by.  When he decides to do something he does it and does it successfully.  Rarely have I seen him fail at anything.  When he comes to what appears to be a roadblock he finds another way to get the job done.  But he always gets it done.  And if this is what he has learned by watching those movies, I will gladly let him pass that gift on to our daughters.  And it doesn’t hurt that it will be the special thing they have with Daddy!


One thought on “Star Wars Geeks

  1. Kelli August 19, 2009 / 12:48 pm

    This is great! Actually, George Lucas drew on archetypes and myths when creating the Star Wars plot/story. Basically, it is a modern fairytale or fable. It has a moral. I think that it is why it resonated with so many people. Like Carl Jung believed we all have an inborn subconscious full of awareness of archetypes and myths. So, I agree. 🙂

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