Robert Collier

Last week I had another one of those crossroads moments.  A moment where I ask is my desire to be a writer really worth this? I mean you hear about writers who go off and live in cabins in the woods by themselves or the ones who just drink until they feel like they’re in one.  My moment was one where I thought yes, now I understand why they do that.  So after wallowing for a while with my bucket of tears, I picked up a book I am reading by Robert Collier.  This just happened to be the first paragraph on the page where I’d left off and the person who owned the book before me had highlighted it in two colors:

“Desire Power seemingly perceives that ‘the longest way ’round is the quickest way home,’ and it proceeds to cause the individual to pursue that ‘longest way round’ in order to attain his desire in the shortest possible time.  In such cases it often acts to upset and overturn the plans which one has carefully mapped out; the result makes it seem to one that failure and defeat, instead of victory and success, have come to him.  It will sometimes tear the person away from his present comparatively satisfactory environment and conditions, and lead him over rock roads and hard trails, and finally, when he has almost despaired of attaining success, he finds it literally thrust upon him.”

So when I find myself being emotionally dragged over another “rock road” and I get that feeling I should just throw in the towel and stop writing, I’ll go back to page 63 of “The Secret of the Ages” and read this paragraph.


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