Problem with Politics

Before the election, I must admit I was an obsessed Obama girl.  I watched the news every night and visited a blog that posted the poll numbers daily.  I even made myself sick at times worrying about how the thing was going to end.  I stayed up until it was over on election night and watched the president-elect and his cute family take the stage in front of that enormous crowd.  I got chills, shed tears, and then a week or so later preceded to bury my head in the sand.  The reality is, I have a hard time believing that the issues that are important to me will ever really be addressed or changed.  Most of all, I want people to be treated equally in all aspects of life.  But just the fact that we’re all humans makes that nearly impossible.

So this brings me to the point of the post.  Political parties are just another way to divide us.  The leaders of these parties say whatever they can in order to touch on our hopes or fears, so that we will follow without question.  We get so caught up in these hot button issues that we miss opportunities for love and friendship.  I am a registered Democrat and my father is a registered Republican.  During the election he sent me a few emails that nearly sent me over the edge.  I hadn’t told him until now, but I purposely avoided communicating with him as election day drew near because I was afraid that the subject would come up and end with a fight.  I also joined Facebook in the midst of election time and can’t tell you how many times my Facebook checks resulted in me getting offended and pissed off.

Now that the elections are over, I’ve found myself re-connecting with and bonding with some of those very people who offended me.  In October, I was so sure of our differences and now I am so sure of our similarities.  I wish it could feel like this all the time, but Facebook is reminding me otherwise.  The need for drama must continue and it is supplied with the newest quizzes that ask “How satisfied are you with Obama?” “Would you vote for Palin in 2012?”  “Do you agree with same-sex marriage?” and my favorite “I voted against Obama and I stand by that vote.”  I don’t really take many Facebook quizzes and I have decided especially not to take any of those.  I do in fact have some Republican friends that I love and respect and I want to keep it that way!

I’m not sure how I’ll feel as the next political season draws near.  I hope that I can keep my political views out of my personal relationships instead of getting sucked into the drama.  I hope that I can be like my friend Linda.  Linda is the lone Republican in my writing group, only problem is leading up to the election no one knew that.  After an evening of McCain/Palin bashing, we all awoke the next morning with a very nice email from Linda telling us how if she was able to make it to the polls (her mother was sick), she was voting for John and Sarah!  Talk about open-mouth-insert-foot!  She withstood our conversation with a great deal of grace, didn’t appear offended, and most definitely didn’t hold it against any of us!

One thought on “Problem with Politics

  1. Leigh July 29, 2009 / 11:40 pm

    At a dinner party about a month before the presidential election, I told a staunch Republican friend that I considered him exceptionally intelligent and considered, but I just couldn’t reconcile that with his political views. I really wanted to understand his thought process, and I wanted him to understand mine, so we exchanged a series of emails leading up to the election. Each of us stated what we believed and why, and we supported our views with articles and research. It was striking how many of the same values and political goals we shared. The difference was in which sources of information we chose to believe.

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