Creative Visualization

I just reread the book “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain.  It is a short book, takes only a few hours to read, but is very informative.  Creative Visualization is putting the Law of Attraction to work for you.  If you don’t know about the LOA it is the idea that our thoughts are things, like attracts like, you reep what you sow, and your consciousness creates your reality.  We use it everyday.  Every time we imagine where we are going to go, what we are going to do, or say, or be we are using Creative Visualization.

I used to use it unconsciously.  When I was a kid I played softball for two years and took gymnastics for a lot longer than that.  In softball, whenever it was my turn to bat, my lack of self-confidence would take over and I’d imagine myself striking out…and guess what?  I always struck out.  In gymnastics, all I wanted was to be able to do a back handspring but I always saw myself landing on my head. So almost  every time I tried I’d land on my head.  There was a few times though that I managed to squelch the vision and do a perfect round-off back handspring.  I knew even then that physically I was capable, but mentally I was sabotaging myself.  The examples could go on and on, but I’ll stop with these two obvious ones.

So once you grasp the concept of Creative Visualization you can use it to build a positive life experience.  The key to it, though, is belief.  I will admit that I have tried to apply this principle in certain areas of my life and haven’t seen results.  Like after writing my first novel, I would imagine the phone call I’d get from an agent saying they were just dying to represent me, I’d visualize myself cashing my first advance check, and sitting at some table in Border’s for my book signing.  But the reality was there was too much disbelief between me and this vision.  You have to clear yourself of all the blocks.  You have to believe it and want it without fear.  My vision will not come to fruition as long as I believe that it is “too hard” or hold onto fears of what others might think of me and how the changes of a career like that will affect my life.  Gawain suggests that in this situation you continue to hold onto the vision, write it out along with the negative feelings that bubble up.  If you face and acknowledge the feelings you have at a deeper level, you can eventually let them go and rest in the positive vision until it becomes reality.

Also, a great thought to add at the end of your Creative Visualization is “This or something better is coming to me now.”  Ultimately it is about surrendering…letting go and letting God.  This is a most difficult place to reach.  In reading books by Joel S. Goldsmith, I am reminded of this key step often and I am also reminded of how hard it is to get out of the human picture.  Until you can surrender in the truest sense of the word, it can only help to hold these positive visions!  (For more thoughts on surrendering check out this post over at Owning Pink.)


7 thoughts on “Creative Visualization

  1. lissa rankin July 28, 2009 / 10:36 am

    Beautiful post, Leslee. So often, we create our own blocks. I’ve discovered that the more I get out of my own way and clear the channel for God to work through me, the less I struggle and the more I succeed. A perfect example- I wrote a memoir that I finished over a year ago. It was a damn good book, and I got a fabulous agent to represent it, but my agent couldn’t sell the book. Multiple editors picked it up, championed it, and took it to pub boards, but no one could get it past the marketing goons, who didn’t know how to sell it because it didn’t fit into any neat little boxes. Was I disappointed? Yes. But I let it go. I realized that the Universe had other plans for me. And it’s only now, in retrospect, that I can see the wisdom of the plan.

    Had my book sold and been a rousing success, I would have spent this year on a book tour, rather than developing Owning Pink and being of service in the world. My own success would have derailed me from an inevitable plan that had to happen.

    And because I chose to go with the flow and let the Universe decide my fate, any suffering that might have come with “failure” subsided. Then last week, my agent calls to say that one of the NY editors who loved my book but couldn’t get it through pub boards wanted to pitch a book idea to me. Yesterday, we had an amazing chat, I love her idea, and now I’m writing the book proposal for the book she wants me to write.

    By going with the flow and trusting, my ultimate goal (to publish another book) is now likely to happen. We must trust the process. My problem with The Secret is that we can visualize and manifest and set intentions all we want, but if what WE want isn’t in God’s plan, we need to get out of the way. See what I mean? We must trust….

    • lesleehorner July 28, 2009 / 12:53 pm

      Everything happens for a reason and everything falls into place when the time is right and you are truly ready. I know now, that I still had and have a lot of growing as a writer to do. There is also a lot I still need to let go of in order to reach my goals. I love what I am doing now…I love blogging…I love the time I have been spending with my husband and this summer with the girls. There is so much time for career, but what I have NOW is precious and will not always be exactly the way it is today. I know there is something to this writing thing for me, I feel alive when I do it and even when I think of it. So, I do not need to rush or push.

  2. eastkentuckygal July 29, 2009 / 6:29 pm

    So, do you continue the “struggle” of constantly submitting, trying to find time for an hour or more of writing everyday… you know… the work of writing. When letting God, we still have to work hard too, I know, but is the key timing? Like will it be obvious to us when the time is right? I’m still really unsure in this area. I hear so many writer’s saying they will write no matter what everyday for so long or what have you, but with other larger responsibilities that’s often impossible for me. I want to visualize success. Nothing major just helping my family a bit financially and providing thoughts and entertainment for others. I often do visualize it. I just wonder…

    • lesleehorner July 29, 2009 / 7:25 pm

      For a while I was trying to submit essays to magazines and newspapers and stuff, but not much got picked up except for in local stuff and that one article online (that I put in a comment on your blog). I don’t have a lot that I can submit at this point. I’ve queried agents about both of my novels, but to no avail. Neither of them are really polished enough anyway. I don’t have any short stories and most of my poetry was written years ago. But I tell you when I walk into Border’s and I see those sets of books at the end of the aisles (like the Jodi Piccoult books or Paulo Coehlo books for example), my stomach starts doing flips in the best way… It’s hard to see how it will happen, you just have to have faith that it will. We may not have our own display in Border’s, but maybe our passion will get to contribute to our family finances. I also think that when letting God, the work doesn’t feel like work…you know?

    • lesleehorner November 16, 2009 / 4:54 pm

      Someone actually said they did take a class in college on creative visualization! Thanks for stopping by, hope you’ll visit again!

  3. shmilyface February 26, 2010 / 1:40 pm

    I like the book too. Thanks for your insight.

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