Since I have been on Twitter I have connected with another writer/blogger/mom named Melysa.  Just in the few months I’ve been tweeting, Melysa has won two contests-a pink Ipod from Owning Pink and a website makeover.  I replied to her good news last week and told her she was a lucky girl.  As I wrote it I thought about how unlucky I am when it comes to contests.  I never win anything.  Melysa tweeted back that she deserves a little luck after the difficult year she has had.  Her reply made me realize that just because I’ve never won any “thing,” doesn’t mean that I am not lucky.

I am lucky because I grew up in an amazing family with two parents that provided everything I needed and wanted.  There was always good food to eat, clean beds to sleep in, an abundance of affection and kind words, toys to play with, nice clothes to wear, and the presence of four of my biggest role models (my parents and my sisters).  In school I always had good friends.  At times I wanted to be more popular, but the truth is there was no better place to be then where I was, with a handful of good friends that were precious to me and never made me feel pressured to be anything other than myself.  In college I was lucky for so many reasons.  I was lucky that I graduated successfully without any lasting scars or other troubles I could have very easily found myself in.

I am lucky now when I realize that the people who have always mattered most in my life are still in it.  With the exception of losing my father-in-law in 2005, I can’t fathom what it feels like to truly lose someone so dear to you.  I have a wonderful husband who amazes me everyday with what he is capable of and willing to do.  He never once complained when one day in Feb. 2008, I decided that I was a vegetarian and would no longer be serving meat at dinner time.  He has fully supported me along this journey and listens intently as I talk about all the new things I learn.  I am lucky to have had two easy pregnancies and two beautiful daughters to show for it.  I love to watch as they are discovering their talents. (Bella has a beautiful voice and is shaping up to be a math whiz.  Callee is a brilliant little actress and walks around the house creating lyrics to her own original songs.)

I am most certainly lucky.  I might be the luckiest woman I know.  I have been so blessed and experienced so much joy, safety, comfort, and love when so many people don’t get to.  It really doesn’t matter that I never win the door prize, because my life itself is the best door prize I could ask for!!


2 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. LIssa July 17, 2009 / 11:07 am

    Great post, Leslee. What I hear from you is a lot of gratitude- how wonderful. I often find myself thinking that I’m lucky. But lately, I’ve rephrased it to say I’m blessed. Luck sounds to me like I did nothing to earn it and it just appears for no reason. Personally, I believe that God is responsible for my “luck” and that the more I express love in the world, the more blessings I receive. The more I live in fear, the more unlucky.

    So I’ll pass that forth to you Leslee. What I see is a woman- and a life- filled with blessings. Big love to you.

    • lesleehorner July 17, 2009 / 1:08 pm

      YES! Definitely blessed…thanks Lissa!

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