Contest Reject

I told you earlier this week about the rejection I received.  The positive thing about my poems being rejected is that now I have two more new poems I can share with you here.  This poem is called “Toenail” and yes it was inspired by my toenail.  At some point last fall my toenail quit growing and the skin around it was swollen and red.  It wasn’t terribly disgusting, but it wasn’t right either.  I was put on two rounds of antibiotics and soaked it in epson salt baths for weeks.  Neither solution worked.  The last resort, if it didn’t heal was to have it removed.


There’s a part of me that’s infected

The doctor said

come into his office

he’ll numb me up

Take it off

I’m scared

Can I take the pain

Sometimes it seems ok

Like I could live with it

Other times

I notice it rotting

And I want to be rid of it

If I do nothing

Will the infection spread

Take over my whole body

until I’m rotting too

Until the doctor insists on taking my limbs

He says when it’s over it will

grow back

Good as new

So what if it does

And that one gets infected too

Or what if it never grows back

And a part of me is missing

Note:  I put off returning to the podiatrist because I really didn’t want him to take the toenail off.  Miraculously during that “putting off” phase, my toenail healed on its own.  By the time I returned to his office, he couldn’t understand why he’d suggested taking it off in the first place.

One thought on “Contest Reject

  1. Kasey June 9, 2009 / 8:43 pm

    Very insightful Leslee…I must say…I can emphathize…
    Love –

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