The Passion of the 2-Year-Old

About a year ago I was driving down Appalachee Parkway with my then 2-year-old daughter in her carseat.  One of her Crocs had slipped off her foot and she desperately wanted me to get it for her.  I couldn’t and she wasn’t happy about it.  She went into hysterics, crying and screaming for her shoe.  I began repeating an affirmation I had gotten from Wayne Dyer via A Course In Miracles…I choose peace instead of this.    Well Callee did not like that one bit.  She was not choosing peace and began to scream louder.  It was in that moment that I was inspired to write the following poem about my passionate youngest daughter.

Two Years Old

In two years, you’ve taught me what it is to live

When you’re sad, you cry, salty tears like rain

Only stopping when a warm body holds you close

When you’re happy, you laugh, exploding laughter like fireworks

Lighting up a room

Stopping people in their tracks; joyfully

When you’re angry, you roar, raging roars like a mighty river

Stirring up the energy

Creating your own witches’ brew

When you’re loving, you kiss, sweet sugar smacks like chocolate

Peace bubbling around you

Using your keys to unlock hearts





You wear them all proudly, never asking what I think

You demand to be heard

To be comforted

To be entertained

To be cherished

In two years, you’ve become

The essence of life


2 thoughts on “The Passion of the 2-Year-Old

  1. Halle May 17, 2009 / 8:38 pm

    Complete and total honest emotion. That always struck me as one of the most beautiful things about children. Is there ever a time when we are more open and sincere about our feelings? This poem is beautiful.

    • lesleehorner May 17, 2009 / 8:46 pm

      And Callee hasn’t changed….she still throws fits when her crocs come off! Thanks!

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